Pubs to Play Board Games in London

If you’re looking for places to play classic board games in London and quench your thirst then look no further than these London board game bars, pubs and cafes.

Old school board games are so on trend right now. Those glorious 80’s throwbacks from an era predating social media when Dream Phone was your only phone and ‘LOL’ was short for a lolly pop. Maybe.

Places to Play Board Games in London

London has fallen in love with the board game bar concept and has seen an increase in drinking haunts stocking board games for customers to play whilst enjoying a casual drink. But where to go?

Grab your girl and get your first-ever argument over with whilst enjoying a round of Monopoly…

See below for our list of places to play board games in London:

Sylvan Post

Heron House, 24-28 Dartmouth Rd, Forest Hill, London SE23 3XZ

Once a Post Office the Sylvan Post is a quirky and friendly pub, featuring an eclectic mix of original furniture from the 1960s. Not only do they stock a great array of local and regional ales, they frequently change and update their beer selection too. What’s more, celebrate the last Friday of each month with £5 cocktails….Yes! We’re in!

The Crown

102 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5RD

Situated on Lavender Hill, The Crown is full of character and charm. The relaxed and easy atmosphere goes hand in hand with the cosy sofas. The Crown stocks over 21 local and imported gins as well as supporting local breweries, thumbs up! So why not kick back, relax and enjoy some board games at The Crown? Be Crowned the winner… soz couldn’t resist.

Tina, We Salute You

2 Olympic Park Ave, London E20

Tina, we really do salute you. Your half-naked paintings of the infamous Tina herself combined with a flat white to die for is enough to make even straight girls weak at the knees. A mix of squishy sofas and retro furniture awaits, along with an excellent selection of foods and board games. Pub quiz every Sunday… Get thinking of a team name good enough to rival the venue name!

The Old Red Lion



337 Acton Mews, Hackney, London E8 4EA

Situated in Hackney under the arches of the railway Draughts was opened in November 2014 infamously taking London’s board game bar virginity. Feast your beady eyes on over 600 board games and stay as long as you like for just £5 per person. Plus on the weekends you can reserve a table for groups of 8 or more to avoid disappointment… These guys have thought of everything.

The Three Compasses

99 Dalston Lane, London E8 1NH

Situated in Dalston, The Three Compasses has a great relaxed and traditional pub vibe.
The Three Compasses is home to a juicy selection of board games and an even juicier selection of burgers. Both of which will have you foaming at the mouth. Perhaps not attractive if you’re on a date. No one likes a Pavlovs’ Dog. We digress…Great news if you book for more than ten people you get a free bottle of fizz… you’ll be winning at life as well as board games!


113 Bayham St (at Greenland St) Camden

In 2011, the craft beer establishment BrewDog made its way down from Scotland and pitched up in the heart of Camden. Spread across two floors there’s plenty of space to grab yourself a table and get your game face ORN. Enjoy a BrewDog beer favourite and ask it to be accompanied by something off the food menu … forget Tinder, this is a real match made in heaven.

Loser buys the next round?

Fancy something else?

If the thought of playing board games just does not roll your dice, check out our post on top spots for London coffee. No games in sight… Yet.

Happy Gaming.

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