Interview: TikTok Famous, The Lee Sisters

The Lee Sisters are Maihua Lee and Gaonha. Maihua Lee is a rising Lesbian Tiktok star hitting over 2m followers. With her sister, Gaonha not far behind.

The Lee Sisters have almost 25k subscribers on YouTube and set to release a song on August 1st. The song was produced by the talented MidnightMonologues, also a part of the LGBTQIA community. The music video was created by Hannah Thompson, who focuses her filming career on creating LGBTQIA romances and storylines across YouTube. 

Got your attention? We caught up with them both ahead of their single release.

To start with, we’d love for you to tell us a bit about yourselves, and how did you get into music?

M – Got into music as a joke honestly, not to say what we made is a joke or its message. As we started writing the lyrics we knew we had to share it. So I guess you can say we got into music to share our experiences.

G – I think music has always been with me because I’m a dancer. It was just another outlet for me to go with to express myself and make art. 

You’re releasing a song together soon, what inspired the lyrics and where can our readers listen to your new music?

M- The song is from personal experiences and heartbreak, you feel it while we sing. We aren’t singers but we are creators and we want to help anyone we can with our message. 

G – They came from our experiences growing up and going through our abuse in relationships. We wanted to express our story to help other people recognize the negative aspects of dating but more importantly that they can overcome them. 

We couldn’t interview you without touching on your fame on TikTok. Talk to us a little about that – how does it make you feel that you have over 2million follows?

G – Maihua posted me once and I gained fans through her, I am thankful for her to trust me with that opportunity.

M – Of course, you are good at what you (Gaonha) do! For me, it doesn’t feel real sometimes, it’s almost like a dream. Now that I have it, it’s unreal but I am so thankful for it. 

We’d love to hear more about what inspired your music video, and how’s it been working with Hannah Thompson?

M – I worked with Hannah Thompson on a short film prior and she is an amazing Lesbian Filmmaker. It’s important to mention that because her art is important for our community. The video touches on gay and lesbian themes that while sometimes we aren’t seen we also have relationship problems. Being gay doesn’t make us immune to normal heartbreak. 

G – Working with Hannah is an amazing experience. She wants to grow in this industry and we want to use our platform to build up our family. She’s family now. 

Who are your role models and why? 

G – My aunt / Manager Niki, she understands us and connects with us. We are close, and she is the only other person I talk to like that besides Maihua.

M – “my role model is me in 10 years” I’m not sure the full quote but it’s something Matthew McConaughey said once. It always stuck with me because that’s how I see it. 

G – No idea who I’ll be in ten years but I hope a better version of me. 

Have you ever visited the UK? If so, where did you go and what did you think? 

M – Never, but getting my passport soon. I want to visit fans there for a meet and greet, anyone know anything coming up when it gets safer out here?

G – Not yet! I want to travel and the UK is up there. We noticed there are alot of fans in the UK, it makes us so happy. 

If you could use a magic telephone to call yourself at 15 years old what would you say?

M – Put down the bottle, don’t give up on acting and let them help you. I’m very open about my past so fans will know what I mean. 

G – Gaonha! Trust your instincts and focus on yourself. I know it’s hard to put yourself out there but they may be worth it. I know you can do this. 

What’s the lesbian scene like where you live? 

M – The scene is where we are. We all travel and come from so many places. I don’t think you can call a place a scene without all those that matter. So, it’s good as long as we are together.

G – True, I think people are open but it’s harder outside the city. I used to deliver pizza and I have a sticker on the back of my car that says, “Born straight refuse to hate” and someone legit spit on my car for it. I can’t believe it happened. Some of our gay bars have been shut down for similar reasons. It’s upsetting but we will fight for that change so my sister can be safe.

the lee sisters

Who’s your celebrity crush and why? 

M – It has always been Camila Cabello. I look at her like my fans look at me. Period. 

G – Oh! Mine would be Kookie. Jungkook from BTS because, well… look at him. 

Do you enjoy working together as sisters?

M – HELL NO… I’m just kidding. I love it and there are hard moments and sometimes it’s hard to show any tough love on camera. We are like anyone else and sometimes it’s hard to grow the relationship when there is always someone watching but that is our careers. We adapt and couldn’t be happier to have the fans we do because of how close we are. 

G – NO! Just playing. Yes, because I’m working with someone I’m comfortable with. We may fight sometimes but I love her. That’s just sisters. To touch on what Maihua said, some things are too sacred to let everyone see in growing with family, that’s the hard part. 

What’s next in your plan for 2020? 

M – Legally I can’t say much! That makes me excited to say but I promise you there are so many big things coming. 

G – Waiting for the virus to slow down but we want to meet FANS! We would love to do a meet and greet. We want to travel, too. 

Where can our readers listen to your music? 

G – Everywhere music is sold! You can catch the music video on Youtube. 

M – Yes! Voicemail(faded) out Aug 1st! The clip will be on Tiktok shortly after. 

(For Maihua Lee), what’s your coming out story?

M – My sister threw me out the closet!

G – I thought our parents knew. 

M – That’s basically it honestly, my parents didn’t approve but I had my sister. 

(For Maihua Lee), are you dating anyone at the moment? If so, where did you meet? If not, are you looking for a girlfriend?

M – I’m not currently dating anyone and I’m not looking. I will say though if she finds me I won’t say no. Despite it being hard to trust people I have a big heart. The thing about being on social media is that it will always be in some part of my relationships. It’s not easy. There are always going to be clout chasers or girls who don’t like the limelight. Just the side effects of being an influencer.

the lee sisters 3

(For Maihua Lee), what’s the most interesting direct message you’ve received on TikTok?

M – I’m still not used to love confessions yet. Some fans will say they are in love and I’m happy to be someone they care about but IDK if you ever get used to that. 

Thanks for chatting with us ladies! 

Follow their work across their socials; Instagram @your.lee.sisters, TikTok for Maihua Lee and TikTok for Gaonha Lee or catch their song on YouTube!

Love Team Nonchalant xx

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  1. Francine
    31st July 2020 / 10:46 am

    Lee Sisters is such an inspiration to many people. This is why I idolize them

  2. Nonchalant Magazine
    4th August 2020 / 2:09 pm

    Hey Francine,

    We’re glad you like the interview and the Lee Sisters. We enjoyed catching up with them. Stay tuned for more inspiring interviews with Queer women.


    Team Nonchalant

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