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Killin’ It on Insta: Stashsworld

For this instalment of Killin’ It on Insta we had a chat with Stacey and Ashleigh otherwise known as @stashsworld.

Back story?

Hello to all of you beautiful people! Stacey & Ashleigh (Stash) here from Hampshire, UK. We’ve had 5 fantastic years together, recently got engaged at the top of the Shard, London in 2018, parents of two adopted fur baby cats from the Middle East and can’t wait to see how our future unfolds.

When, where, how did you meet each other?

We met in our home town through mutual friends in 2014, after Stacey had graduated and returned home from University. Our paths first crossed when Ashleigh tried to face rape Stacey in a club….clearly her drunken mouth charm worked because here we are 5 years later!

How long have you featured on Instagram and why?

We’ve been featuring on Instagram for just under a year now, and initially set up our joint account to share with the rest of the world our 8 month South East travelling adventure. We hope by sharing our travel experiences we can encourage more of you to experience this insanely beautiful world we live in.

How many followers do you have at present?

We currently have just over 6,000 lovely followers. We are honestly so overwhelmed and grateful to have so many of you wanting to know what we’re up to. We really hope our pictures and captions give so many of you the inspiration that you need to quit that 9-5 rat race! There really is more to life than living for the weekend.

Any other information you’d like to feature about yourselves?

Ashleigh used to be cabin crew for Virgin Atlantic, so we’ve had our fair share of mini-breaks and we’re so lucky to have had these opportunities. But in our opinion, nothing beats giving yourself that lengthy amount of time to travel and truly immerse yourself in the culture and the way of life of another country. Since travelling, we’ve also decided to alter our way of life and try to live more responsibly and sustainably by becoming vegan. We try to live as eco-friendly as possible and are currently in the process of creating an eco-friendly e-commerce store – so watch this space!

If you want to look at all their awesome photos then give them a follow @stashsworld.

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