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How to throw a lesbian New Year’s Eve party 

As we usher out the old and welcome in the new, it’s time to make plans for the final soiree of the year. But at the tail-end of the festive season, you’d be forgiven if you’d rather curl up under a blanket and sleep through Jools Holland until morning than put on your dancing shows. For those of us who want to party without the chaos of a night on the town, let’s face it: a lesbian New Year’s Eve house party is often more affordable, cosy and a hell of a lot of fun.

From food inspo to the perfect playlist, we’ve got everything you need to plan your lesbian New Year’s Eve celebration.  So, buckle up, because we’re about to help you organise a big old lesbian house party to see out the year in style.

Dress to impress (or not)

First things first. What are we wearing? We’re not suggesting that you should set a dress code as such, but sometimes it’s helpful to let guests know what kind of party you’re throwing so that they can suit up accordingly. Want the glamour of a black-tie event? Invite mates to go all-out with as much sparkle as they can muster (which we’re assuming is industrial levels of glitter which you’ll be finding in crevices for the next twelve months). Craving a no-pressure sitch? Go wild and have a slumber party, insisting on flannel pyjamas, comfy onesies, fluffy socks and absolutely no make-up required. Bliss.

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Food for thought

If you’re planning on waiting up until midnight (which is kind of the whole point?) then your guests are gonna want a snack or two to line their stomachs and keep up the momentum.  To avoid spending your evening stuck in the kitchen, we suggest keeping it simple with crowd-pleasing nibbles. Think a hearty chilli or curry bubbling in the slow cooker, ready to be served in bowls whenever folks get hungry. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing chef, keep the guestlist short and whip up a three-course meal to get better-than-restaurant grub in the comfort of your own home.  You could even print up a custom menu and everything. For zero effort, go full girl-dinner and lay out a selection of meats, cheeses, bread and dips and let people help themselves. 

lesbian new year's eve party sliced bread with sliced vegetables on white ceramic plate

End of an era

New Year’s Eve is a real Marmite celebration with the potential to hit some of your guests right in the feels. Depending on what vibe you’re going for, think about doing some activities or rituals to see out the year on a positive note. Grab your tarot deck (or rope in a friend, we all know at least one lesbian tarot reader) and pull cards to see what you should let go of when the clock strikes midnight. If you’re feeling extra woo-woo, write down what you’re letting go of and throw them (safely) into a fire to symbolise the release of the things that no longer serve you. 

We’ll drink to that

If you’re serving booze, drop a message in the group chat reminding folks to BYOB, unless you want to supply all the drinks yourself.  Stash some champagne or prosecco at the back of the fridge and get your fanciest flutes polished and ready to toast at midnight. Don’t forget about your sober pals and designated drivers. They’ll love you for thinking of them, so get some 0% beers and a selection of soft drinks so that they can enjoy the festivities without feeling left out. If you’re a sophisticated kinda gal, ask all your guests to bring their favourite wine and have a tasting session. 

lesbian new year's eve party group of people tossing wine glass


Set up a group playlist on Spotify and encourage everyone to add their favourite party tunes ahead of time. The only rule? Make sure all the artists are gay as the day is long. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of lesbian bops.

Ask around to see if any of your mates have a karaoke machine and have a competition to see who can do the best Love Shack rendition ala L Word Gen Q. Don’t invite any terrible singers unless you’re willing to forcibly remove the microphone from their possession. If that all sounds too energetic, opt for a lesbian movie marathon instead.

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Deck the halls

Got a bar cart? Make that baby the star of the show by stocking her to the gunnels and adding fairy lights for a bit of glam. From a practical perspective, it’s also a good place to store essentials such as napkins, straws, paper cups, and a bottle opener which means less hosting for you and more time to enjoy the party. Pop a clock on there too so that everyone can keep an eye on the time as midnight approaches. If you don’t have a bar cart, a small table or window ledge can serve the same purpose. Make your own New Year banner using tinfoil or order one online and get some novelty props if you want to take some cute photos with pals. Oh, and if you’ve been looking for a sign to purchase a disco ball for your front room… this is it. 

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The morning after 

Send your guests home with a goody bag filled with essentials to cure their ills on January first. You can customise this to suit your guests, but we think a gift bag filled with some sweet and savoury snacks, dry shampoo, a bath bomb, painkillers and, an energy drink would do the trick.

Phew, we think that just about covers it. Did we miss anything? Share your lesbian New Year’s Eve party tips below.

Have fun,

Team Nonchalant x

Fiona Fletcher Reid
Fiona Fletcher Reid

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