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Killing It On Insta: Katie + Poppy

Welcome to “Killin It on Insta”, our new feature of … well, absolute babes killing it on Instagram. This monthly feature will provide you with great role models within the community for you to follow and/or stalk – we’ll leave that one to you.

For our first edition, we’ve caught up with adorable couple: Katie & Poppy. we got all up in their relationship below, but be sure to check them out: @bring_back_the_rustic

Tell us a little about yourselves:

I’m Katie (brunette), from Birmingham and I’m Poppy (blonde) from Buckinghamshire (now Norwich)! We’re both straightedge but this doesn’t save us any money; it all goes on coffee and meal deals.

Where Did You Meet?

We actually met online through Myspace year 2010. It all started with a random add and a do I know you?

I remember from the start we never spoke, just the random ‘Hi!’ and that’s about it. A few months down the line, we suddenly started talking more and more and we got close real quick. We would text, call, MSN chat and even webcam, then Poppy finally bit the bullet and asked me out. We finally met and thank god she wasn’t a catfish; she was as beautiful as I imagined! The rest is history.

We arranged for me to come and visit Pop in Norwich but the train journey was a bit long so she met me halfway at Peterborough Train Station, she walked in as I was waiting in the Pumpkin Cafe, funnily enough, our favourite thing is autumn and pumpkins!

Tell us about your Insta game plan?

We’ve been on Insta as a shared account coming up to 2 years. We don’t have separate Instagram accounts but we don’t have our own Facebook pages!

Over the years we have trekked all the states in New England USA, visited New York and Florida, worked at a zoo together, and now work at the East of England ambulance service together. No, we don’t get sick of each other, we enjoy each others company and we are quite frankly inseparable. We encourage each other and bring out the best in each other. We gym together and even garden together in our little cottage. We wouldn’t change a thing 🙂 (well, maybe when she finally pops the question).

We hope you’ve enjoyed our first ‘Killing it on Insta’ article with the lovely Katie & Poppy. Stay tuned for our next one.

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