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LGBT+ History Month 2024 – celebration of past and future

It’s February which means it’s LGBT+ History Month here in the UK! Not sure what the deal is? Want to know how to celebrate? We’ve got everything you need to know.

Founded in 2004, LGBT+ History Month has been celebrated in the UK every year since 2005. The UK celebrate in February to line up with the repeal of Section 28 (the law banning the ‘promotion of homosexuality) in 2003. Here we are, still celebrating and honouring those who continue to fight so hard for LGBT+ rights and representation. Similarly to Pride month, the way you celebrate this time is up to you! Do you want to focus on the politics, the uplifting celebrations, or a bit of everything?

What’s happening in 2024?

The theme of LGBT+ History Month this year is Medicine (#UnderTheScope) to celebrate LGBT+ staff working in the NHS and other healthcare services. This theme includes a special focus on the complicated history of LGBT+ people receiving healthcare and the struggles the community still faces today. The winner of the 2024 badge and logo design competition Alex Gould said that, ‘when I heard that the theme was medicine, the first thing that came to mind was being protected no matter what’ (LGBT History Month website). This is a powerful statement that truly captures the essence of this month but also the existence of the LGBT+ community- the desire to be protected no matter what.

Alex Gould’s LGBT History Month 2024 design – the progress flag in a heart shape with a stethoscope around it

Making change this LGBT+ History Month

Stonewall’s focus for LGBT+ History Month 2024 is ‘gearing up to have our voices heard at this year’s general election’, by fighting for a conversion therapy ban and improving LGBT-inclusive education in schools. On top of that, UK LGBT+ charity Just Like Us are hosting a webinar about embedding LGBT+ education into school curriculums. This is a good a time as ever to remember how much incredible work has been done for the LGBT+ community, but to also reflect on what work still needs to be done.

How to celebrate in 2024

Hundreds of events are taking place up and down the country to celebrate LGBT+ History Month this year, and there really is something for everyone. Just a quick search of ‘LGBT+ History Month events’ and you’l be flooded with ideas. Whether you’re into workshops, film screenings, queer pub nights, exhibitions, or virtual gatherings, there’s an event for you to find your people and celebrate however you choose. You can even run the Brighton Half Marathon with Team Stonewall! We recommend the LGBT History Month website event calendar (mainly because it’s beautifully organised) where you can scroll through and find an event and date that takes your fancy!

Fancy a bit more queer history this LGBT+ History Month? Learn about the origins of the lesbian flag and drop us a comment if there’s more LGBT+ history you want us to cover.

Happy LGBT+ History Month!

Team Nonchalant x

Robyn Hill
Robyn Hill

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