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5 Reasons you need Passion Fruut’s Youtube Channel in your life

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Our pals over at Passion Fruut have their very own binge-worthy lesbian focused Youtube channel. Passion Fruut have interviewed some strong, empowering, honest and hilarious queer women to find out their thoughts and opinions on all things LGBTQ+. Short and snappy interviews see queer women answer questions on sex, dating, coming out and everything in between. Once you watch one, you’ll just want to watch them all.

Passion Fruut also have their own pretty awesome dating app. The people of Passion Fruut were fed up of the limited online dating options for queer women, so created their own; available on android and apple devices. The app allows your to browse specific sexualities and even has a live speed date function!

“Amazing space for women to find other real women”

“So good, easy to use, great app”

Already invested and need some Passion Fruut goodness in your life right this second? Just click on what makes a great date to hear what the juicy PF women believe makes a date really pop. As well as what doesn’t….

Want to read our thoughts on the channel before heading there? Check out our top five reasons you should tune in. Let’s all feel part of the fruuty community.

1- To keep you smiling through lockdown

Finding the right person at the best of times can be difficult, but a pandemic, copious amounts of comfort eating and an inability to have a face to face conversation without trying to mute yourself makes it near on impossible. In the ‘Lockdown Edition’, Passion Fruut ask more lxdies about their dating experiences, what makes a great date and their ideal women.

2- To hear about other peoples sexual experiences

Head to ‘do you make the first move’ to listen in to some graphic, interesting and truly honest sex stories. Including the peaks and troffs of female on female sex, making the first move in bed and rimming experiences.

3- To make you actually LOL

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of doom and gloom in 2020, so lift your spirits by tuning in to hear about some horrendous and hilarious queer dating stories; including Louisa who had an extremely awkward start but Louisa, we love your work. And we really recommend Miranda’s, who’s ‘worst date’ story made us actually LOL.

4- To reminisce about your first time

How old were you when you realised you had a bit of a thanng for women? We loved listening in to when women realised they were more into the V than the D. Coming to understand your ‘Mr Right’ is actually a 2006 Angelia Joile can come at a bit of a shock but rest assured, you’re never alone.

5- To help answer some of them age old questions

Those recurring question like on a date… who pays? When do you invite them back to your place? What if there’s no connection? Is chivalry dead? Check out the channel to find out about the views of the passion fruuters, it’s really refreshing to hear the views of queer women in London.

So there we have it, five top reasons to head on over to Passion Fruuts Youtube Channel. If you’d like to feature on their channel, connect with them at

Happy Fruuting
Love Team Nonchalant x

Jem Thomas
Jem Thomas

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