Q&A with Dannii Minogue on groundbreaking dating series I Kissed a Girl

Dannii Minogue talks about the return of the groundbreaking dating series, I Kissed a Boy, now revamped as the UK’s first dating show for girls who love girls.

The return of “I Kissed a Boy” now branded “I Kissed a Girl” is the first UK dating series for girls who like girls (woohoo), and it’s already making waves before it has aired. We know you’re all excited for this one. We hear from Dannii Minogue on what to expect from this exciting new season.

I Kissed A Girl | Dannii Minogue
I Kissed A Girl | Dannii Minogue

Q: I Kissed a Boy was the first gay dating show in the UK, and now it’s back and doing it for the girls as the first UK dating series for girls who like girls! How does that feel?

We are so excited to be back and to share the stories of these girls. They are open and honest in their search for love, funny and surprising, so get ready for a whole rollercoaster of emotions. I genuinely laughed and cried watching all the antics in the Masseria.

Q: How does this series compare to I Kissed a Boy?

Although this is the same format, it feels brand new. The girls bring such a different energy, and I feel stories of girls-who-like-girls have been sadly missing from so much of what we see on TV. While the girls open up to possible love, I think so many viewers will be both educated and entertained. As each day developed, it sparked a lot of heartfelt conversation on and off the set. With lots of queer females on the crew, it created an incredible environment that supported the cast and was a joy to be a part of.

Q: What can we expect from the cast?

The girls are so much fun. They wore their hearts on their sleeve and they did not hold back – with their affections as well as their opinions. They are so diverse in their personalities and in what they are looking for in a partner. Just remember the old saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, as each episode reveals more and more about their vulnerability underneath the exterior.

Q: What did you learn working with the girls?

I was on a learning curve with the boys, but with the girls, I actually needed a glossary of lesbian lingo to decode some of the conversations. In the best possible way, their language cuts to the chase – and I was happily catching up. You will know what I mean when you hear fun descriptions like ‘golden retriever’ and ‘black cat’.

Q: You work with the team on creating the brilliant Chemistry Tests. Tell us about the first one for the girls – Red Flags?

Red Flags leans into a saying that comes up in conversation regularly with the girls. We wanted to use this to find out what would turn each girl off or give her the ‘ick’. It was a great way for the group to get to know each other in the early stages of their summer of love. This challenge absolutely turned the Masseria upside down and there were long moments of navigating a level of awkward I had never experienced before.

I Kissed A Girl | Dannii Minogue
I Kissed A Girl | Dannii Minogue

Q: As well as all the feels, the girls bring a lot of drama to the Masseria. How gripping are the episodes this season?

The girls move fast, and every episode is electric with the last minutes of each episode leaving me wanting to know what was going to happen next. It is like trying to predict what will happen in a game of Snakes and Ladders! Impossible.

Q: What makes this show so special?

The girls and their genuine search for love, with inhibitions left at home, we watch it all unfold in the sun-soaked romantic Italian landscape. In my role as ‘cupid’, I always hope that an attraction sparks with such intensity that it leads to a lasting relationship – but my lips are sealed as to whether that happens this series. One thing I can tell you is that it was the ultimate lesbian summer holiday that the girls loved so much – I got the feeling they didn’t want it to end. I am so so proud of these girls and can’t wait for viewers to discover this groundbreaking and hugely entertaining series.

Catch I Kissed a Girl on BBC iPlayer

So there you have it, we have A LOT to look forward to with this new series. Make sure the 5th May is in your diaries ladies as episodes one and two of I Kissed a Girl will drop on BBC iPlayer on Sunday 5th May at 6am, with remaining episodes airing on BBC Three every Sunday and Monday night at 9pm.

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