Setting the Record Straight: Dannii Minogue’s Support for the Queer Community

Oh, here we go again! The press has done it once more, taken a small comment out of context and ran with it for clickbait. Don’t fall for it people! You might have seen the headlines about Dannii Minogue’s recent comments on being queer, but let us tell you, the story has been twisted way out of shape. We were there, we have the context, we have the footage, and we’re here to set the record straight (pun intended).

Dannii Minogue - I kissed a girl stage

We had the privilege of attending the Q&A session with Dannii Minogue following the private screening of “I Kissed a Girl” on 1st May and her words were nothing short of powerful and supportive of the queer community. The comment about being queer was taken way out of context by the media and we’re keen to focus on the true headline here, which is that the BBC have made a groundbreaking show – our first-ever lesbian dating series in the UK, and Dannii is very much in support of this show being a success.

First off, let’s talk about the event itself. The Q&A, hosted by the hilarious comedian Catherine Bohart, was an absolute blast. There was so much banter and plenty of laughs. Dannii Minogue proved to be a fantastic sport, engaging with the audience and responding to jokes about us all wishing she was on our team, with one example being Eva (one of the contestants of this season) asking Dannii if she had ever experienced “Gay Panic”. But the most important thing amidst all the fun is that there were some really important and powerful things Dannii said that the press failed to highlight.

During the Q&A, Dannii made it clear that she is a staunch ally of the queer community. She shared stories of her own experiences and those of her friends who identify as queer, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and support for all, and how the show is really important to help demonstraight that and educate people. Dannii’s commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and visibility is something that should have been celebrated, not twisted for a sensational headline.

So, let’s set the story straight. Dannii Minogue identifies as straight, her support for the queer community is unwavering, and her words at the “I Kissed a Girl” screening were empowering. It’s time to focus on the real story and celebrate allies like Dannii who are making a difference in our community.

Phewwww, now we’ve cleared that up, we can get on to the first episode of “I Kissed a Girl”, and the contestant’s reactions…

The first episode of “I Kissed a Girl”

Before the Q&A with Dannii, we previewed the first episode of “I Kissed a Girl” and we can confirm that the first episode is an absolute screamer. The excitement in the room as the episode began was palpable. The full cast gathered for the screening in their finest threads (all looking extremely attractive, we may add) and from the moment the lights dimmed, the room was filled with laughter, whistles, cheers, and applause every time a familiar face graced the screen. Aside from the press, the room was filled with a scattering of your favourite lesbian legends including podcasters Freya and Liv from the Lesbian Supper Club podcast, musician Beth McCarthy, presenter Charley Marlowe (the voice of “I Kissed a Girl”), Fay Greaves from BBC series “The Traitors”, and comedian Catherine Bohart, to name a few.

The contestants were all super excited to see the first episode, even if some were embarrassed and watching the kissing scenes through their hands (we would be too). After the screening, the cast headed out to Freedom Bar in London to celebrate. Good for them.

The Bottomline

  • Don’t fall for clickbait b*llshit, come read Nonchalant Magazine instead 😉
  • Dannii Minogue identifies as straight and is a legendary ally, we must protect her at all costs.
  • Episodes 1 & 2 of “I Kissed a Girl” will be available on BBC iPlayer this Sunday 5th May.

Much love, Team Nonchalant x

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