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Glastonbury Reveals New Femme-Queer Party Venue Called Scissors

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Great news gang…nestled among the eclectic array of areas at the iconic Glastonbury Festival is a brand new “femme-queer” (as the Glastonbury website self-proclaims) venue called Scissors – a vibrant venue and safe space celebrating femme and queer culture. What started as an after-hours zone for LGBTQ attendees has blossomed into one of the most highly-anticipated destinations at the massive music festival. This is pretty huge news as the venue will replace the legendary Rabbit Hole, which had been based in The Park for 17 years, and has always been notoriously hard to get into as it has been graced with the likes of David Beckham, Brad Pitt and Holly Willoughby.

The Origins of Scissors

Scissors began in 2007 as a simple tent in the Glastonbury campgrounds where LGBTQ festival goers could gather after the main stages wrapped up for the night. Providing a refuge from the often overtly hetero-masculine vibe of late nights at music festivals, it quickly gained a devoted following within the queer community.

Over the years, Scissors expanded its footprint and enhanced the experience, adding DJ dance parties, drag shows, immersive art installations, and a wide range of live performances. Firmly establishing itself as the place for queer expression and femme visibility at Glastonbury, Scissors has become an essential pilgrimage for LGBTQ festivalgoers from across the UK and beyond.

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The Experience

Today, Scissors is a spacious, self-contained playground of queer delights in Glastonbury’s Sticklinch area. Extravagantly decorated with a new flamboyant theme each year, the venue features multiple performance spaces, chill-out areas, art galleries, and bars. The main draw remains the pulsing, sweaty dance arena where revellers let loose to brilliant DJ sets and high-energy shows long into the wee hours.

According to the Glasto website, what truly sets Scissors apart is its joyfully radical embrace of femme and non-binary visibility and expression. From the eye-popping decor to the bold fashions, the rejection of gender norms is wholeheartedly celebrated here. Allies are welcomed with open arms, creating a unified atmosphere of love and self-empowered femininity across the full spectrums of gender and sexuality.

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As LGBTQ acceptance continues to grow in society, Scissors maintains its reputation as an exhilarating, no-holds-barred hub for unrestrained “femme-queer” culture at one of the world’s most legendary music festivals. Setting up camp at the entrance to this ever-evolving fantasia is an absolute must for LGBTQ attendees and open-minded allies alike.

Hope to see you there, comment if you’re heading to Glasto this year.

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