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Fashion Essentials for Dressing Like Tegan and Sara

Although the term “gay pop” is going viral thanks to child star-turned-recording artist Jojo Siwa, most people know that that particular genre of music is what it is today thanks to countless other queer icons, including lesbian legends like Tegan and Sara. A Canadian indie pop duo composed of real-life twins Tegan Rain and Sara Keirsten Quin, they’ve been making music on inclusivity and empowerment for decades. Aside from helping make the music industry more diverse and empowering for cis and queer women alike, Tegan and Sara have also amassed an army of fans devoted to their impeccable sense of style. Always on-trend but never victims of fads, the singers have cemented themselves as fashionistas with love for a few key pieces. If you want to dress like Tegan and Sara, here are some essentials you’ll need.

Gold and Silver Jewellery

If you look at any Tegan and Sara appearance, you’ll notice the twins have a taste for jewellery. But we’re not talking about extravagant blinged-out pieces dripping in diamonds. Rather, they seem to prefer more streamlined accessories in gold or silver. From simple studs and chain necklaces to layered bracelets and dainty rings, the duo balances their looks with a few accent pieces that tie things together. Just this year, Tegan and Sara once again modelled this approach to accessorising at the Juno Awards. During the ceremony, where they were given the 2024 Humanitarian Awards, the twins wore understated silver jewellery from Jenny Bird and Obakki.


Statement sunglasses

Lots of artists like to use sunglasses for fashion and function, and Tegan and Sara are no different. True to their more androgynous style, though, the two like to wear more unisex silhouettes when wearing women’s sunglasses. Think solid-coloured and more angular frames, like those from Ray-Ban, Levi’s, and Persol. Because of this, these sunglasses are more rectangular and streamlined, and they can easily be paired with more dressed-up and casual attire. This versatility is perhaps why the duo likes to wear these types of shades above all others. They’ve even worn such sunnies onstage a few times, including in 2014 at Parahoy. A few years ago, Tegan and Sara even collaborated with the brand Local Supply to create limited-edition shades in a similar silhouette.

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Nothing says Tegan and Sara quite like a good pair of lace-up shoes. Throughout their career, the
singers have been seen wearing a variety of lace-ups, from Converse trainers to more classic brogues. On numerous occasions, they’ve even been seen wearing what are traditionally considered men’s shoes, like leather wingtips. Such was when they were shot for Vogue magazine and attended the 2015 Oscars. It’s no surprise that a few years ago, Tegan and Sara also partnered with Keep to create a line of sustainably made lace-up kicks.

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Power suits

Lastly, there are the iconic Tegan and Sara power suits. Although the fit of the suits has changed over the years, Tegan and Sara are still most often seen wearing a classic blazer and trouser pairing when attending events. Case in point, they wore baggy asymmetrical suits at the Juno as mentioned above Awards. Aside from this, they’ve worn suits in numerous magazine features, including a 2016 spread in GQ. A consistent feature of the singer’s suits is that they’re not overtly fitted. Rather, they’re tailored just enough not to drown the figure. This helps them achieve a more androgynous look, which has resonated with many queer admirers who want to dress outside of gendered clothing norms. These clothes have become such a signature in their wardrobes that they were named the ambassadors of a 2017 collection of power suits by Frank and Oak.

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