Some of the Best Queer YouTube Couples

Calling all queer YouTube lovers! In this article we have rounded up some of the best queer YouTube couples (in our obviously great opinion!) so that you can get your sapphic needs met, whenever you like with the greatest voyeuristic platform to have been invented.

Queer YouTube Couples

Rose & Rosie

Queer YouTube Couples

Starting out with an OG couple, Rose and Rosie, who’s channel has been around pretty much since the start of queer YouTube. If you’re looking for a fun, in-your-face, out there queer couple with crude humour, this channel is the place to start. Get to know more about their relationship with their open and honest approach, and hear about everything from all things sex-related, queer pop culture, TikTok, and current trends in TV and film.

Now that they have a child, they talk about the ins and outs of motherhood as queer parents. They even have a podcast that goes more in depth about that, if it’s something you’re interested in. Also, check out our article which goes in to more detail about queer podcasts if that’s more your thing.

Jessica & Claudia

For the vintage lovers out there and those who are looking for a more educational queer channel, this is the place to be! Jessica, who’s hair always looks like it’s in a hair advert started the channel with the aims of raising awareness for her disability. She lives with her wife, Claudia, their one-year-old Rupert and their dogs in Brighton. She has content about her relationship with Claudia, vintage fashion, their home, their life with a toddler, and her disability.

They also make baking videos with their Baking Bad series which is quite hilarious, and they do holiday themed videos, Q&A’s and vlogs, making them officially one of the most wholesome queer YouTube couples.

Stevie & Josie

screenshot of a video of queer-youtube couple stevie and josie trying different tea brands - Queer YouTube Couple

If you have been there since the start of queer YouTube, you will have heard of Stevie Boebi, known as the free-spirited, loud, queer YouTuber who has never shied away from talking about x-rated stuff. (Check out her most popular videos) but has recently revamped her channel with new content, a new wife and a new house in a different country.

Now she lives in Brighton with her wife Josie and their cat. As a couple they talk about all the juiciest aspects of their relationship, how they met, honest Q&A’S and her process moving from the USA to the U.K. and everything from their experience with long distance, their house tour, funny story-times and more.

Paige & Holly

Paige and Holly have to be up there as one of the most entertaining queer YouTube channels.
They are simultaneously couple goals and not, they’re very honest about their relationship problems which can be quite a relief knowing that not every relationship online is perfect.

These two will get you hooked with great content – their love story, their experience with long distance,  moving in together and so much more! They also do some really great “lesbians react to” TikTok thirst traps and pop culture. If you’re looking for some lighthearted queer content to fill your days we recommend checking out Paige and Holly’s channel.

Sam & Alyssa

young queer female family posing with their two kids - Queer YouTube Couple

Sam and Alyssa, who are surprisingly not sisters (what is with us queers and choosing a partner who looks like us?) are also a pretty good channel to check out. They cover all the aesthetic parts of being an attractive young queer couple with two children (the dream!), but also aren’t trying to be “couple goals” so how could we possibly hate them. They have recently become new parents so their channel has become just that bit more wholesome as they chat about the birth story, getting a commemorative tattoo for their daughter, room makeovers and life with a new baby.

Let us know if you enjoyed this article in the comment section below and maybe even tell us who your favourite queer couple is from the list, or if you have any suggestions we are always happy to hear them at

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