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Spotlight: Låpsley on Her New EP, her Bisexuality and What’s to Come

For this episode of Spotlight, we were invited to film the incredibly beautiful EP launch and immersive project of A Guilty Heart Can Never Rest by Låpsley. After a decade as an independent artist, Låpsley has more to reflect on than most. She saw a rapid rise to fame as a teenager, with her debut album Long Way Home producing instant-classics like ‘Hurt Me’. Followed by Through Water which marked Låpsley’s shift towards a more confident, conscious artist. It also proudly asserted Holly’s queer identity and won an award for its engagement with climate issues. Now 27, Låpsley is a rare figure in the mainstream: an artist determined to use her platform to make a difference. Outspoken on topics ranging from politics and the queer kink scene to mental health, sustainability, and a decade of music industry chaos, she approaches her craft and her culture with unusual clarity.

We were lucky enough to shoot the EP Launch night, including a performance by Låpsley, and sat backstage to hear all about the inspiration behind her new music, her open and honest feelings towards coming out as bisexual and what’s to come for Låpsley. Watch our Spotlight with the extremely enchanting Låpsley below.

Director & Producer: Abi Martin-Hill | Videography: Felicity West

Thanks for chatting to Nonchalant Låpsley.

You can listen to A Guilty Heart Can Never Rest on Spotify.
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