We chat to IKAG’s Demi, Amy, Abbie and Naee

Grab your popcorn, folks! We sat down with the lovely ladies from I Kissed a Girl, Demi, Amy, Abbie, and Naee, to get all the juicy details about their first kisses, what inspired them to join the show, and their thoughts on watching the first two episodes unfold. Get ready for some serious tea!

You can catch episodes 1 & 2 of I Kissed a Girl on BBC Three or BBC iPlayer, with following episodes being released each Sunday. For more interviews with queer women and allies, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Thanks to the crew behind this interview:
Interviewer – Zoie O’Brien
Videography – Felicity West
Production – Abi Martin-Hill

Nonchalant Magazine
Nonchalant Magazine

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