We Chat with the Founder of Club Labrys, a New Women’s Sex Party in London

Tell us a bit about Club Labrys

Bizarre Events, the production company behind CLUB LABRYS as well as the long-standing Bi-KINK CLUB and the notorious PisSoir club nights was founded in April 2012 in London by Nina and Aidan BiZarre.

We have both very successfully worked as proudly independent queer pansexual sex
workers / extreme kink and fetish escorts for many years.

That is partly why when we started our company we simply came at it from a very different
angle than other fetish club promoters, who are perhaps more likely to have a background
in entertainment. We do not emphasise dancing, music or live-entertainment or performances at our events. Although some of these obviously form part of what we are offering. Above all, our nights are about fetish, kink and sex.

We specialise in hosting private kinky fetish sex parties for consenting adults. Our events
are for those who enjoy an intelligent, more extravagant crowd, bizarre sub-culture fetishes
and (legal) extreme practices – in a completely safe, sane, consensual, clean and sexy

Since we opened our doors 11 years ago we have taken particular pride in promoting diversity in alternative nightlife. Our events attract a very colourful and diverse crowd from all sorts of backgrounds and ‘scenes’. That’s the way we like it. Our club nights are always private members club events. That means that there is never any publicly open access to our parties. Everyone who would like to attend must be or become a BiZarre Events club member, with all the benefits and responsibilities that status entails. We are also very strict about discretion and behaviour of course. We have very robust club rules common to all of our events and a Crew of floor security stewards who enforce those during our parties, and who make sure that everybody’s happy and has a good time. Our Crew is trained and informed by many years of direct experience working in the adult entertainment industry as a facilitator and management capacities, and by active involvement in the BDSM, kink and fetish scene as players.

What drove you to set up events like this one?

The baseline for CLUB LABRYS is the production of a truly and emphatically alternative sex- and body positive night for women. Unfortunately, the offer of play spaces for women in the UK’s BDSM / Kink community in general was and still is very limited indeed. All of us here have started out with a sense of dissatisfaction about this, and a strong passion for this subject.

In the summer of 2019, the female team members of BiZarre Events set out to create a night that is strictly for women and for those of other biological backgrounds or histories but who naturally and sincerely identify as female (e.g. we are Trans* inclusive). Without discrimination against age, body type, race, sexual identity or anything else with regard to the individual. Something genuinely new, exciting and unique to add to the UK BDSM Kink scene, of interest equally to experienced players as much as first-timers.

CLUB LABRYS is a safe space – specifically created for ALL women, to thoroughly explore
their kinks and fantasies, away from the male gaze. A night to explore and indulge in
BDSM, (legal) extreme kink and play. Full female empowerment, in a safe, sane,
consensual and non-judgmental female-only space run by women.

So, here we are. A play space to experience genuine sexual freedom without judgement
but with tremendous opportunity for personal growth and even the potential for transforming
therapeutic release. A space for women to openly express who they truly are, through
passion and awareness, courage and discovery of self, sharing experiences, teaching and
learn from each other, grow, let go, feel empowered and feel connected.

Talk us through what to expect for the event

Our professional and experienced Crew of floor security stewards will be at hand
throughout the venue and throughout the night to help and support our guests and
enforce our Club Rules. They will welcome you on arrival, check you in show you
around the venue and explain its facilities if this is your first visit. And they’re of course
happy to answer any questions you might have at any point during the night. I can honestly say, that we have the perhaps friendliest, most easy-going and open-minded crowd of any club in the UK. So, you’ll definitely meet many wonderful, interesting and sexually-intelligent people. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome, and there’s definitely no socially aloof circle you’d need to ‘break into’…

Collectively, we are creating a safe, respectful environment and an open-minded sexy
atmosphere where our guests are free to explore their darker desires without judgment.
As far as activities are concerned, we prefer to not publicly disclose those… Let’s just say
that our 2-floor, 4,000 sq/ft venue offers a large, furnished Dungeon space upstairs, fully
equipped with many bespoke pieces including a custom four-poster bondage bed with
cage underneath, a St. Andrews cross, a steel bondage chair, a mummification bench, a
leather upholstered spanking & examination bench, a fetters bondage wheel, a leather
upholstered bondage horse, a suspension frame, a steel bondage chair with cut-out…
Need I continue?

If you’d like to read what our guests have to say about us please have a look at our

When is your next event?

The next CLUB LABRYS event on Friday, October 13th 2023 (9pm – 3am) will mark our
eleventh party since we launched this night in 2021.

We had originally planned to launch CLUB LABRYS in March of 2020 but we decided at
that point in time at very short notice to postpone our highly-anticipated launch night in light of the threatening developments with regards to the pandemic. A wise decision in retrospect of course, but extremely disappointing at the time nonetheless.

a person holding a bag

What should people wear?

We want our guests to be creative and make an effort. Obviously, that means definitely leaving the ‘everyday street clothes look’ outside. We do not have an extremely restrictive dress code, telling our guests exactly what they must wear, but we definitely do expect everyone to come up with a look that reflects their own fetish or their idea of what looks sexy to them and to others at the event. So, think: all forms of sexy and kinky fetish clothing, uniforms, sexy outfits, lingerie. Some of our guests even make their own outfits or combinations (feathers, duct tape, bandages, chains, whatever you like).

At the very least showing lots of skin or even complete nudity is fine, if that’s your thing. Again, be creative, make an effort and have fun!

Where can people buy tickets?

Overall, our admission charge is probably the best deal in town. Second to none when it
comes to value for money. We’re offering free drinks all night (that includes alcohol!), a free
secure staffed cloakroom (unlimited items), free condoms and lube, free towels, free
showers and toiletries, and free parking right outside the venue. Basically, once you’re inside
having paid your admission you are not spending any more money all night because
literally everything else is completely free.

Tickets and memberships are sold at the door on the night (cash or card). However, our
guests will need to reserve (RSVP) their ticket/s through our website first. This is essential;
without registration, you won’t get in.

A BiZarre Events Membership is required to attend any of our parties because these are
exclusively private events. As CLUB LABRYS is a private members club for women, we
naturally ensure that only members are allowed into our parties. If you are not a member
yet, when you sign up (RSVP) for tickets for this event you are also applying for
membership which is then valid for 12 months and across all of our other events too.

Reserve Tickets Here

We also offer reduced admission tickets for couples and poly-groups, as well as Student
Discounts and Concession Tickets for those who are currently experiencing financial hardship.

What type of people attend?

Unlike any of our other events CLUB LABRYS is by its very nature somewhat exclusive in
terms of gender and/or gender identity. We welcome lesbian and bisexual women, as well
as bi-curious women. Our women-only policy explicitly includes Trans* people. For this night we are aiming to put the sole focus on female energy, away from the ‘male gaze’ so to speak. Again, CLUB LABRYS attracts a very wide variety of people. It’s very hard to categorise any specific type of person who is more likely than another to join us at our parties. You’ll definitely meet people of all ages (over 18’s obviously). We love welcoming guests from a very wide variety of demographic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Wonderful people of all colours, shapes and sizes. What connects our guests unanimously is their open-mindedness, respectfulness and tolerance, as well as their passion for fetish, kink and sex. You will meet a very open, easy-going and friendly crowd. No boring and pretentious cliquishness.

Many of our guests are seasoned kinksters with years of experience on the scene, and many
others are newbies or complete first-timers. And while we of course play music, the sound level is always low enough to allow for conversation at all times. People are very social at our events. There are the meet & greet introductions that happen naturally, and of course, there are the pre-play negotiations
taking place between those who may be interested in taking things a little further. Let’s remember at this time, being at a sex party places you in a potentially very complex social situation. As a single guest of course, but perhaps even more so if you come with a partner. In that case, there are at least two of you whose wants and needs and also red-lines need to be discussed, worked out and always considered. And if you want someone else to join you then they too of course have the same right to be considered equally. Communication with tact, absolute honesty, openness, empathy and compassion is key here.

Obviously, there is never ever any pressure whatsoever, or even an expectation, for
anyone to participate in anything that they are not 100% and perfectly happy with! The
foundation of the philosophy behind our events, and the single most important rule at our
parties is of course consent.

Thanks for chatting to us,

Team Nonchalant x

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