9 Healthy and Affordable Lesbian Date Night Ideas

You know that early phase in a relationship where all you wanna do is lie in bed together and eat pizza? We love that for y’all, honestly.

But prioritising your health is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself and your partnership, whether you’re on your first date or your fiftieth. What defines a ‘healthy’ date is up to you, but we’ve collated a list of dates that we think are healthy, wholesome and affordable to inspire your next date night. 

Hiking date 

We lesbians love any excuse to get our hiking boots on, don’t we? Well, lace up and plan a healthy date based around some movement, ideally picking a route you’re familiar with to make the date as relaxing as possible. Walking is a great way to build intimacy as the forward motion and lack of eye contact are known to allow people to open up and have deeper conversations. Make a day of it by cooking up a cute lil packed lunch or stopping off for a pub-grub meal as your reward.  

Cooking date

Instead of forking out for restaurant food, set yourselves the task of flicking through your favourite cookbooks and finding a recipe to try together. Hold hands in the supermarket as you pick out the ingredients, and don your aprons in the kitchen as you prep and cook together. Don’t rush this part! Allow plenty of time for mindfully enjoying the experience together, taking care to follow the recipe to ensure you create something spectacular together. 

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Yoga & coffee date 

For an affordable spa-like day, sign up for a yoga class at your local studio. You might even be able to get a free pass if you’ve never been before. Yoga is great for flexibility (wink, wink) but it also releases emotional energy and allows you to be more present in your everyday life, which means the coffee date afterwards will be even more magical as you both bask in the post-yoga mindfulness vibes. 

Art class date

Whether you’re an artist or not, creative dates are a fun way to express yourself and try new things. Pottery painting is for literally everyone, requires no drawing skills and can be surprisingly relaxing, similar to the mindful colouring book trend that cropped up a few years ago. You’ll also come away with a (hopefully, beautiful) piece of crockery that will serve as a reminder of the date. Alternatively, i you’re feeling brave, find your local queer-friendly life drawing class and doodle some nudes with your bae.

Stargazing date 

Find a quiet spot away from city lights and spend an evening stargazing. It’s a romantic way to disconnect from everyday problems and get some perspective on life as a whole. Don’t forget to pack some blankets and a flask of tea/hot chocolate to warm your cockles as you gaze longingly at the universe and, of course, you’re other half.

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Tarot reading date

Book a tarot reading online or in person, to find out more about where you’re at as a couple. Whilst you might not be able to predict the future, your tarot reader will be able to help you gain new insights about yourself and your partner through the mystery of the major and minor arcana. Take a notepad to jot down any words or symbols that stand out, and together you might begin to notice them crop up when you least expect them. Alternatively, grab a tarot deck and guidebook to give each other a reading at home. 

Bowling alley date

Did someone say cute bowling shirt attire? Make like Carrie and Finley (Generation Q) and take to the bowling alley to let off some steam. If you’re a seasoned bowler then you’ll get to show off your skills and if not, it’s the ideal excuse to ask for some hands-on tuition from your date. Play for fun or raise the stakes by making the loser buy the drinks afterwards. 

Swim & sauna date

Spa days are great, but sometimes you end up spending so much time in the treatment room that you barely get to hang out with your date. Instead, go to your local pool (hotel pools have a better date vibe than a leisure centre) and have a chilled-out dip. After some light exercise and playful splashing, head to the sauna to sweat it out and chat. Bonus points if you can find somewhere with a jacuzzi! 

Tech-free date

Plan a day dedicated to genuine connection with your partner—leave behind phones, laptops, tablets, and TV. Whether it’s time in nature, hitting the gym or simply allowing the conversation to flow over your morning coffee, moments like these not only fortify your relationship but also foster profound connections.

What is your idea of a healthy date?

Love Team Nonchalant x

Fiona Fletcher Reid
Fiona Fletcher Reid

Fiona is a two-time author and freelance writer with words published in the Metro, Grazia, Readers Digest and Happiful Magazine. She runs online writing groups, loves tarot, live music and poetry.

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