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Aging Out: New Lesbian Holiday Romantic Comedy from Breanne Williamson

Aging Out, the new lesbian film from the talents of (and starring) Breanne Williamson, Vancouver-based actor, director and writer, is THE LGBTQ+ indie film you need this season. It’s accessible on YouTube for anyone and everyone to watch, free, right now! (Um, amazing?) We all love a rom-com during the holidays and through the year, of course, but something we all may have realised at some point is that, amongst the formulaic, comfy vibe, there’s been a bit of a lack of LGBTQ+ representation in the mainstream for romantic comedies in the past. Breanne noticed this too, stating in her YouTube description that “we also deserve a queer film that feels safe and cosy”. Breanne’s right. Starring as the main character, Jenn, Breanne and co-star June Laporte smash the on-screen chemistry right out of the park and honestly, it’s worth watching. 

Aging Out lesbian comedy film

Aging Out is set around the romantic life of 29-year-old Jenn, a single lesbian who, following an extremely sad speed-dating session, is set on getting her ex gf back with the help of the very cool Annie. The film is split into three acts, detailing the ups and downs of Jenn’s journey, video chats with her mother and even a very interesting trip to the bathroom (let’s just say, she wasn’t making IN with anyone…). Featuring romcom classics such as the usey ex, frazzled main-character energy and a trusted friend group, of course, we feel all the love and comfort of a classic rom-com with a little more spice than ‘big city gal in small town’ and more inclusivity too, to top it off. Jenn is facing the classic crisis of the three-zero approaching and, for anyone in their 20s going through some relationship struggles, you’d probably relate to a couple of things Jenn experiences on an emotional level. This film is worth a watch. 

From Breanne’s press release, we know she’s known for her Gay Girl Tips and her queer short film called Coming Out. Both are very popular, of course. If you want to be able to brag to your friends that you saw it before it hit the first million views, you should probably go watch Aging Out right now. Just saying. The same goes for Insta (@BreanneWilliamson). You should probably go follow her on Instagram and/or TikTok if you’re keen to be a part of Breanne Williamson’s history. And we think you should, we love her, and you will too.

Breanne explains that she “wanted to show fully realized LGBTQ+ characters dealing with something as relatable as the overwhelming pressure of being a woman who is about to turn 30” and that “we see a lot of coming out or coming-of-age storylines”. She’s so real for this to be honest, and we feel that this is so true. There are a lot of younger, teen LGBTQ+ characters represented on our screens and of course, this is super duper important. We want people growing up in their teens to know it’s okay and it’s wonderful to be who you are. But hey, Hollywood, the rest of us are still here. We’re all growing up, just not in our teens, and what Breanne’s film conveys is exactly that. The older you get, the harder it is to accept the fact that you’re turning [insert however old you’re turning], but Jenn is still having fun, finding her style, dating, and hanging out. It’s great seeing a film where life doesn’t end just because you pack your bags and head to university. 

We love Jenn’s mum in the film too, she’s very supportive. But this film is also great for portraying the parental pressure to get hitched that many 20-somethings will experience in their lifetime. It’s all over our screens, let’s get real. We also kinda love that everyone in this film is, well, extremely stylish. Yes, Jenn makes what some may call ‘questionable’ choices in that one style scene (if you watch the film you’ll know what we’re talking about ;D) but everyone pretty much looks amazing all the way through.

Where to watch Aging Out

We highly recommend that you watch the film. We loved it, you’ll love it. Super refreshing, a beautiful film and just in time for the festive season. You won’t regret it. Check out Breanne’s Instagram and TikTok. There’s a lot of content you’ll likely find very fun. By the time you’ve scrolled through every post on there, you’ll want to keep up with the new ones too.

You can look forward to a “Which character from ‘Aging Out’ are you?” quiz. Watch this space. In lieu of us being the very lucky, very cool people who have found this film now, pre-quiz, we hope that after you watch the film, you’ll let us and Breanne know in our comments which character you relate to the most. 

Aging Out Film in Full


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