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Queer Short Film: F**KED on Channel 4

We’ve been waiting over 6 months to announce this one. We were lucky enough to get to check out this award-winning queer short film at the start of 2023, and we’re absolutely thrilled to say it’s now available to view on Channel 4.

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Directed by Sara Harrak, F**KED explores the unspoken rules in an open relationship. Without a rulebook, it’s up to the couple to set their boundaries. So, when Dani casually mentions to Jess that she’s thinking about getting cosy with guys again, things get a bit complicated. F**KED dives into that question we all low-key ponder – have I fully embraced and enjoyed my own sexuality? Turning 30 seems to trigger this introspection about staying true to ourselves.

F**cked. Queer short film 2023.

We’d love to congratulate the team on their Iris Prize win. Here’s to more queer films to come.

Director: Sara Harrak
Producer: Emma Hammond, Meg Salter, Sara Harrak
Writer: Meg Salter

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