Best NYC Lesbian Bars, Nightlife and Events

Would you believe that there are only 21 lesbian bars in the whole of America, 3 of which are in New York. So we have to shed some light on the incredible lesbian bars that are still going strong, but not only that we have other queer nightlife in New York to discuss too, awoohoo. So sit tight, and read on, because this article will in fact teach you about the very best NYC lesbian bars, nightlife and events.

First of all let’s cover off the 3 epic lesbian bars in New York City.

NYC Lesbian Bars

Okay, so here goes. This is your low down on all 3 lesbian bars in New York. If at any point another one should magically pop up, please do let us know and we will add it to this list. We’re all about supporting our community. We also love to hear from our readers, so please do leave comments below, or alternatively, you can drop us an email.


Location: 281 W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

First up, we’re going to tell you about Cubbyhole. The cutest of lesbian bars. A self-confessed ‘lesbian and gay village hangout with a jukebox, drink specials & colourful decor’. How adorable. That last part about the ‘colourful decor’ however, is an understatement. When walking into the bar, you are greeted with an array of epic ceiling decor, depending on the occasion of course. Whether it’s Labour Day, Christmas, Pride, or any other event, this bar will have the decor covered. Plus, they are not shy when it comes to rainbow flags. This makes the bar seem really upbeat, fun and welcoming. What more could you want from a lesbian bar?

Something you need to know about Cubbyhole, is that it opened in 1987 with the name DT’s Fat Cat. It’s provided a safe (and fun) place for the LGBTQ+ community ever since. Cubbyhole, we thank you for being such long-serving legends to the community!

Cubbyhole seems to be a popular choice for our Gen Z crew (*cough*, baby gays), but it does attract a mixed crowd, all there to have fun. The vibe is casual, people tend to rock up in jeans and t-shirts, but you are able to have a chat – the music is not too loud, and it harbours an atmosphere for conversations between strangers. Exactly what you want if you’re trying to find your next girlfriend right?

Henrietta Hudson

Location: 438-444 Hudson St, New York City, NY 10014-3781

Next up in our NYC Lesbian bar list is Henrietta Hudson. Open Wednesdays through to Sundays, this bar is a self-proclaimed “queer human space built by Lesbians”.

Henrietta Hudson has been around for an impressive 30 long years. It is the longest-running lesbian bar in America and it’s survived many recessions and the dreaded lesbian bar collapse.

Something to note is although it’s a lesbian bar, they embrace the entire community. So do take your best gay pals with you.

The bar is cosy, with a pool table. They run great event nights such as premiering L Word Gen Q. The bar staff are always lovely, and there’s a great vibe. Definitely put this bar on your list to check out when in New York.

Ginger’s Bar

Location: 363 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Now, on to the next New York lesbian bar we have Ginger’s Bar. Opened in 2000, so we have another long-lasting bar on our hands. We’re talking retro decor, a colourful entrance, and a disco ball on the inside. This unpretentious cosy Brooklyn lesbian bar also has a pool table, but the highlight of this place really is the garden area with the decking. It’s perfect chatting vibes out there. If you know what we mean.

Drinks are reasonably priced and they offer a selection of nonalcoholic drinks too. But they only take cash (old school). Don’t worry though, there’s a cash machine on the inside.

Ginger’s is known for the regulars, who are all very welcoming. They, like the other bars, also have open arms to all of the community.

One thing is clear here, lesbian bars in New York seem to love a jukebox. Now on to the lesbian events in New York.

Lesbian Nightlife and Events in New York

Now we’ve covered off the bars we’ll talk about lesbian events in New York. As you may know, this is a massive trend in London, UK. We have loads of lesbian event companies in London. But now we want to tell you all about the action in New York.

Hot Rabbit

Hot Rabbit is run by Boy Wonder Events and is a queer girl-centric (but inclusive) lesbian event night. Now then, these folks know how to through a queer event. From high-energy performers, late-night food, and epic DJs, Hot Rabbit events will not disappoint. They tend to hold events weekly in New York for WLW and their queer pals.

These events attract trendy queers (that’s right, we said “trendy”).

Plus Hot Rabbit “endeavours to ensure that any queer person can walk in the room and feel like they belong”. I

If we’ve missed any other epic lesbian bars in New York or hangouts, let us know by commenting below and we’ll have them added to this article.

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