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Christmas Date Ideas in London

Okay Queers it’s time to get your tinsel out and sprinkle a little magic with some Christmas date ideas in London. London has converted its buildings and streets to a grotto pop-up, not suggesting you dress like an elf but you can definitely rub a little festive cheer into your plans. 

Battersea Power Station

In case you weren’t aware, Battersea Power Station has absolutely killed it this year, transforming their already impressive landmark to an absolute must-see this season. You’ll be spoilt for choice of things to do. You could start with a drink in the bar by the ice rink, and some Dutch courage before taking to the ice. What better way to impress than letting go of the railing for enough time to hold your date’s hand!? Just try not to drag her down with you Babe, if you’re getting bruises on a date.. it shouldn’t be this way.  Hot tip, the Glide is sponsored by Jo Malone, go see their pop and tell them you need to smell amazing and they’ll gift you some Christmasy scents! Get your tickets.

If you simply can’t risk being the butt of a date fail & the thought of falling can only happen if the ground beneath you eats you up! There are plenty of other things to do. Inside Battersea, they have a decent selection of shops, a food hall, a cinema, and interactive bars like Bounce. You won’t be short of places to eat, the outskirts are surrounded by some trendy restaurants with a great view of the city! If you haven’t scored a peck by now, head towards Battersea Bridge, there’s a tunnel covered in mistletoe. In summery, pucker up it can’t go wrong with all of this on your doorstep! Have a look at the full list of what’s on offer visit.

Winter Wonderland

I’m sure most of you are aware by now that WW is back, ticketed again like it was the last few years, so be sure to plan in advance as it does sell out. Entry is in time slots and prices this year have had a slight increase (hasn’t everything!) £7.50 seems reasonable enough. You can also add options prior to checkout for activities such as the ice sculpture, the ice rink, rides, and even food packages, etc. 

If you’re the type of queer who likes to shoot your shot and bag a toy (of the fluffy kind, soz not handcuffs) for your other half. This is the place for you! Famously a hang-out for football celebs too, years past have been plenty of insta stories of the lionesses dancing the night away in the Bavarian village. Who blames them as the tent is filled with happy faces who are as outraged as you are about the prices for a pint, but still swaying them from side to side to Feliz Navidad. 

Wine Festival

A few months ago we covered the London wine festival, due to Shoreditch on Thursday 7th December for a long weekend. What better way to start your December than being 7 chocolates deep into your advent calendar than getting to explore some worldly wines? A promise of something for everyone, including street food and games, it’s not to be missed. For more details on the London wine festival, why not check out our article on it?

Candlelight Concerts 

Not sure what your algorithm is doing, ours is convincing us that a candlelight concert is the best way to pull at the heartstrings (see what we did there). We have to admit, it’s on the list of places to try, a quick glance at their insta stories and it’s a beautiful concept. The choice is very varied too, allowing you to make sure you fine-tune your selection. No one is more impressed than being listened to, so remember to pick the right concert. Your date will be telling all their mates about you after this experience. Seriously, what gay doesn’t love fairy lights? You could properly sit in silence and she’ll be wow’ed. check out fever for their full list of places, options and dates.

We’d love to hear which date ideas you tried, leave a comment below.

Love Team Nonchalant xx

Laura Walker
Laura Walker

Laura is a London based Creative Writer for Nonchalant Magazine.

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