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Dove Cameron Proves She’s the Ultimate Boyfriend

Right gang, have we got the thing for you. Stop everything because you don’t want to miss this. Has your wlw playlist been lacking lately? Looking for a banging new gay track to lead you into the summer? None other than Dove Cameron has your back. Firstly, we want to answer that top question we all know you want to ask – is Dove Cameron gay? We’ll jump in to that straight away if we may…

Is Dove Cameron Gay?

Ex-Disney star Dove, who has used both queer and bisexual to describe herself, has released a new song that has all the gays absolutely losing their minds- us included. An immediate social media sensation, her latest track ‘Boyfriend’ has literally taken over TikTok and Instagram. Honestly, if you haven’t seen a reel or a story with the song, where have you been? This explicitly gay song is something queer women have been craving and boy does Dove deliver. Initially shared as a teeny teaser on TikTok, LGBTQ+ fans on the platform erupted (can you blame them?), desperately after the full song. And we’re so glad it’s here.


lemme know if i should release this one 🥺😮‍💨💀

♬ Boyfriend – Dove Cameron

Come on, with lines like, ‘I could be such a gentleman / plus all my clothes would fit’ how could this not be a queer anthem? On top of that, the chorus is ridiculously catchy and we guarantee it’ll be stuck in your head for days.

The video, featuring Charlene Lefever, is dark and steamy and, well, it’s just really gay. Don’t believe us? Check it out below (it’s worth the watch, we promise).

What wlw music is at the top of your playlist right now? Let us know! If you’re looking for more recs, look no further- we’ve got a fab list of queer artists for you to check out right here.

Love, Team Nonchalant x

Robyn Hill
Robyn Hill

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