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Interview: Shiva of Tampa Baes

We catch up with the ever-charming Shiva Pishdad of Tampa Baes.

The Amazon Prime TV series Tampa Baes aired its first episode of eight on November 5, 2021. The reality TV show follows a group of lesbian friends in Tampa, Florida. If you’ve not watched it yet, then what the hell have you been doing love? Get that on tonight babe!

From her hilarious one-liners, to her cheeky chat up lines, we felt we just had to have a chat with Shiva. Hear all about how the program Tampa Baes came about, what Shiva’s up to now, how many DM’s she received after the series aired, and her thoughts on a potential second series of Tampa Baes….whaaat, whaaat.

But, before we give you the goods of this lols interview, please make sure you head over to rate this show highly on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. It’s very rare that the queer community get shows like this – and it’s important we let the industry know that we’re out here, and we want more. Nuff said.

Enjoy the interview….

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Thanks to Shiva for chatting with us. Catch her on Instagram: @shivapishdad

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Video & Editing: Felicity West
Interviewer: Zoie O’Brien
Production: Abi Hill

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