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For our next instalment of ‘Killin’ It on Insta’ we catch up with Hayley from Hertford. Check her out below and stalk her at @hwt10. Currently, she has 1066 followers.

By day you’re?…

I’m a PE teacher by day, (I know, cliche!) footballer by night and a keen traveller any time I have spare.

We noticed you travel a lot, tell us a little about that…

Travelling for me is part hobby to make use of the school holidays we get but actually part of my job too. 

Along with teaching PE and the free ski trips & sports tours we get to go on – I know lucky me! 

I also run charitable expeditions to take UK students away for a month at a time during the summer. Basically to spread some positive change across the world, whilst opening the eyes of our phone obsessed teens!

It is hugely rewarding and hands down the best thing I have done with my career. The chance to see the world off the grid, work with local people, create lasting change in communities who need our help and inspire plenty of young minds along the way. What’s not to love! 

You feature your girlfriend a lot, where did you meet her?

We met on tinder actually! She got an instant swipe right from me although I thought she was straight to start with, her photos were stunning but didn’t give much away about her sexuality. She eventually sent me a ‘super like’ after accidentally swiping left and then deleting her account to re-find me again, she didn’t want to take any chances after that so super liked and slid straight in with a message. I only found this out after about 6 months of dating as she thought it was embarrassing but she gets 10/10 for effort from me. I was impressed!

We hit it off straight away, she’s got a great sense of humour and we met for drinks in London only a few days later… and the rest they say, is history! 

Don’t forget to check Hayley out at @hwt10!

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