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GK Barry, The Podcast Queen Has a Girlfriend

GK Barry the podcast Queen, recently announced that she has a girlfriend, on her podcast Saving Grace, who she is referring to as ‘Eyelashes’ and we all want to know who she is. Read on to find out who fans have speculated on who it might be.

If you downloaded TikTok during lockdown and you love a laugh (which to be honest we all needed a bit of light relief during lockdown), you were probably served up the account of GK Barry. She became TikTok famous with the honest and hilarious retellings of her day-to-day life, and now, rightly so, she has her own podcast, Saving Grace.

On a recent podcast episode, GKBarry Reveals a new relationship with a woman. She claimed she was in love, quoting “I’m in love, and yeah, it has only been three weeks.” (We’ve all been there babe) She explained that..”I manifested this, I said on my last podcast, I want a woman with calves, I want a woman who does football, and she came to me like a dream”.

She continues on to say, “I went very wrong with men, I don’t like men anymore, I will never go back to a man, god forbid.” and that she feels like she is glowing, “It’s the lesbian glow.” Glad to have you on the team finally.

GK Barry reveals a new relationship with a woman who she refers to as “eyelashes”

After she announced she was dating “Eyelashes”, rumours were flying as to who it could be, a lot of speculation on social media mentioned that it could be Ruesha Littlejohns the Scottish footballer who plays for London City Lionesses and Republic of Ireland women’s national football team, but the rumours and speculation were put to bed when GK Barry had her on her podcast in the episode, ‘Ruesha Littlejohn Reveals SECRET Relationship, Football DRAMA & MORE!‘ GK Barry and Ruesha Littlejohns begin the podcast by saying that they were starting to believe the rumours themselves and Reusha jokes that she “has no calves”.

In recent episodes of the podcast, GK Barry is still referring to her girlfriend as ‘Eyelashes’ We have heard about her holiday with Eyelashes and her family and friends, where they walked around Benidorm in matching t-shirts that said, “I Love My Girlfriend”. Cute guys.

Well, if you scrolled across a certain footballer’s Instagram account… You may have noticed that someone who looks a lot like GK Barry features in one of her posts. Could Ella Rutherford be “Eyelashes”? We can not confirm nore deny, but they would make a super cute couple.

We shall now take our detective hats off, and say welcome to the team GK Barry, we f**king love it.

Love Team Nonchalant x

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