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Nonchalant Magazines Inspiring Queer Women

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we’ve listed our incredible archive of inspiring interviews with courageous and empowering gay women.

If you’re looking for a role model then you’ve definitely come to the right place sweet cheeks, from Beat Box Champions through to Theatre Directors.

In no particular order…. prepare to be inspired:

1.UK Beat Box Champion – Grace Savage

Grace Savage Interview

‘I really wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I was younger.’
Read what else Grace Savage had to say

2.Instagram Star & YouTube Babe – Shannon Beveridge

interview with Shannon Beveridge - now this is living

‘Be yourself. Be genuine. I think those are the most important things in life and online.’

Read what other pearls of wisdom Shannon Beveridge (Now This Is Living) has to offer.

3. ITN 5 News Broadcaster – Minnie Stephenson

Interview with Minnie Stephenson

‘Rachel Weisz was so charming and beautiful that I completely forgot my words and had the look of someone who had left their homework on the bus’.
Hear more about  Minnie Stephensons interviewing antics

4. Tattoo Legends – Kate & Nicole, Ryot Tattoo


Ryott Tattoo Interview with NL

‘I proposed to Kate underwater at the blue lagoon in Greece whilst we were on holiday with our friends in Corfu.’

Read about Kate & Nicole’s story – Ryot Tattoo

5. Hair Stylist – Katherine De Rozario

Hair Stylist Katherine De Rozario

‘I originally went to drama school, I started doing hair in-between auditions and although I loved it, I very quickly realised that my destiny lay in the hair world.’

Read more on how Katherine De Rozario got into Hairdressing

6. Drummer – Jamie Scoles

jamie scoles interview

‘Growing up, I always wanted to do everything my sister wanted to do and I liked everything that she liked.’

Read more about Jamie Scoles

7. Singer/Songwriter – Jay Brown

Jay Brown Interview

‘Dan Smith (Bastille) and his team were also a huge support to me. They developed my demos and invited me out on tour with them’.

Read what inspired Jay Brown to get into the music industry

8. Screen Writer & Actress – Izzy Tennyson

Interview with Izzy Tennyson - Nonchalant London

‘I have a bit of a talent crush on Cate Blanchett.’

Read more on the talented Izzy Tennyson 

9. Director of Damsel Productions – Hannah Hauer-King

Hannah-Hauer-King Nonchalant London Interview

‘I’ve had some bizarre Tinder experiences’.

Read more on Hannah Hauer – King

10. Comedian – Zoe Lyons

Zoe Lyons Interview with Nonchalant London

‘Someone once threw a scotch egg at me when I was on stage. I ate it of course’.

Read more of our interview with Zoe Lyons 

There’s more of where that came from! Head to our interviews section >


Team Nonchalant xx

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This article was written by one of our creative team writers here at Nonchalant Magazine.

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