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Have you ever wondered how you are going to propose? Well these two, Carter and Kelsey, have done it in a pretty epic way. Carter and Kelsey recently went viral when Carter proposed to Kelsey at the WNBA’s Atlanta Dreams stadium. Read on to discover how it was all planned and hear about their story in our interview.

1. So tell us a bit about yourselves, how did you meet and how long have you been dating?

Kelsey: I was born and raised in Atlanta. I’m 29 years old and will be turning 30 in March of 2024. 

Carter: I was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, but I always tell everyone Atlanta raised me. We moved down when I was in middle school, and this city has absolutely made me who I am. I’m currently 32 and I’ll be 33 this December. 

Kelsey: Carter and I met at my best friend’s bridal shower in August of 2022. We’ve been dating for a little over a year now, been in a relationship for 8 months, and engaged for 2 months now.

2. Carter, your engagement idea was incredible, how did you come up with the idea and were you nervous?

Carter: I actually didn’t come up with it at all! Kell and I were cuddled on the couch talking one day and got onto the subject of how we’d like to be proposed to. We have always been clear about the fact that we’d both like to be proposed to (I just happened to get to it first, lol). I told her I wasn’t really sure what I would want, but when it was her turn to answer, she didn’t miss a beat, she said “half-time at a basketball game during one of the fan games!” my memory isn’t much, but I made sure to store that away for future reference. I checked the WNBA season schedule then and saw that Britney Griner would be playing in Atlanta on almost the exact date of our first date. It felt pretty meant to be.

And yes! I was so nervous I thought I would actually vomit, lol. I was a complete wreck the entire week leading up to the proposal.

3. How did you go about organising the proposal, who helped you, and how did you plan to get Atlanta Dream involved?

(if you are still in touch with the organiser from Atlanta Dream, are you able to put us in touch for a quote from them?)

Carter: Initially, my thought was to reach out through as many avenues as possible, so I contacted them via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I also went on their website and emailed practically every email address they made public. Eventually, someone from their marketing team put me in touch with Dan Goldberger, who then put me in touch with their game-day Producer Omar El-Amin. Kelsey’s sister is also friends with the team’s co-owner’s wife, which was also helpful. We collaborated via email, and they were patient with me after weeks of questions and anxiety, which I am incredibly grateful for! 😅

I also leaned on our little tight-knit friend group quite a bit when planning the details and choosing the ring. 

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kelsey and carter engagement ring

4. Kelsey, how did it feel to be surprised in front of everyone in the stadium, and did you suspect anything?

Kelsey: I honestly had no idea the proposal was happening until I took the blindfold off. Afterward, everyone was telling me everything that had been done around me in preparation for it for the months leading up to it, and I really couldn’t believe that I hadn’t picked up on anything. Even now, 2 months later, I still can’t fully put into words the feeling I had standing on that court with my future wife and all my family and friends who were there to celebrate us. It was truly unreal, it felt like a dream. 

5. Have you started planning the wedding, and if so where are you looking to get married, and what’s the vibe?

Kelsey: We’ve been planning the wedding for a while, lol. We’re looking at having the wedding in October of 2024. 

Carter: Yes, in true queer fashion, we started having wedding talk very early on, and a Pinterest Board was born 😂. We have settled on an Old Hollywood theme, with the colors being emerald green with gold accents. Think movie reels, cigar bars, and lots of glitz with a bit of old Atlanta. We both have deep roots in and a deep love for Atlanta, so our wedding will be happening there.  

6. Seeing as we have the chance to chat with you all the way from the UK, what is the queer scene like in Atlanta and where should our readers check out?

Carter: The scene has a lot to offer! Atlanta has the advantage of having a thriving queer social scene. Whether you’re into drag performances, social justice, or just a good queer party, you never have to look very far; if you’re looking for events, definitely check out @AltAtl, @Friendzoned_Atl, and @SFQP. 

I’m always outside, so if you ever come to visit, DM me for an up-to-date list of events! 

Kelsey and Carter marriage proposal

7. Since the story went viral, have you received many messages?

Carter: Not necessarily a lot of DM’s, but definitely a lot of sweet comments, tags, reposts, and followers.

8. Lastly, do you have any tips for our readers who are hoping to pull off an epic proposal this year?

Carter: I think the key to any good proposal (or any act of kindness for your partner) is to listen. You should know your partner well enough to know what will make them feel comfortable, loved, and seen. Consult loved ones, family, and friends to get their input and support. Epic doesn’t have to mean grandeur. An epic proposal is one that sets the tone for the rest of your union!

Thanks for chatting to us, Carter and Kelsey.

Love Team Nonchalant x

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