Interview with Maddie Zahm

As part of our #NonchalantRoleModels campaign, we caught up with the incredibly talented singer-songwriter Maddie Zahm who you may remember from her appearance on “American Idol”. She participated in the show’s 16th season, which aired in 2018. Maddie recently came back on the scene with her absolute banger of a single, ‘Fat Funny Friend,’ and TikTok couldn’t get enough of it! The song became a superhero anthem for folks dealing with fatphobia, societal pressure, and dysmorphia struggles. 175 million streams, a million fans on TikTok, and a jaw-dropping 3 billion views with a huge 250k videos all set to her epic ‘Fat Funny Friend’.

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Maddie has also just announced her debut album, ‘Now That I’ve Been Honest’ which is out on 20th October via Dollgirl/Awal Recordings. The release of the EP covers Maddie’s journey of coming out as queer. Which, we CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR obvi!

Watch our fun chat with Maddie below which covers her journey of leaving the church community where she served as a worship leader, moving to Los Angeles and coming out as queer. Plus she discusses writing about her first experience of kissing a girl and mentioned exes’ names in her new music. Yikes.

Check out Maddie’s latest music video and single “Where Do All the Good Kids Go?” and be sure to follow her on Instagram.

Thanks for chatting to our team Maddie, we had a lot of fun.

Video & Editing: Felicity West

Interviewer: Zoie O’Brien

Production: Abi Martin-Hill

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