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Put Malta at the top of your queer-friendly city breaks list!

We recently paired up with Visit Malta and headed out to see what Malta has to offer lesbians and queer people. Visit Malta showed us what a hidden gem Malta really is, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea so inviting, you will definitely need your finest swimwear! Malta is also host to some endearing history and little hidden treasures that should well and truly form a part of your must-do travel list. 

We previously wrote about EuroPride 2023 which is taking to the streets of Malta this year, top tip alert – the tickets are still free but you do have to register for entry! It’s certainly set to be a lot of fun as the pride parade starts at the bottom of Republic Street making its way up to Triton Fountain via the city gate. The perfect area for the party to unfold.

Is Malta Queer Friendly?

Malta has absolutely nailed the inclusive feel, they support same-gender relationships, with lots of local businesses being run by same-sex partners and other allies being supportive of the community. We had the privilege of meeting husbands Charles & Ron, who have put all of their efforts into making their cafe a beautiful spot for food and drinks. Their food is so delicious it will leave you wondering if you should eat it again, running the risk of not being able to move for the rest of the day! But don’t… there is too much to explore. 

Charles & Ron
Charles & Ron

Our Top Tips for Malta

If you do happen to stuff your happy little faces too much you could hire Segways and save yourself the stitch! If you have never done this before it’s a great way to float around the island along the mountain tops, taking in the views and local towns, no doubt you’ll be in fits of giggles as you zip around chasing each other to the next viewing point along the Dingli Cliff, for more info we can recommend Segway Malta

During our stay we were shown the silent city, you have to spend some time there, entering via a bridge and through a gate into a hidden world of beautiful stone buildings that capture the light perfectly. The streets lead you from one ‘ohhh wow’ to the next, most likely why it’s being used for the filming of Gladiator 2 at the moment. If you fancy spoiling your better half, impress her with dinner at De Mondion, they have a tasting menu with paired wine and be sure to request being placed on their rooftop overlooking Malta’s skyline. We promise if you take your partner, you will be in her good books for weeks! Maybe even months hun and you definitely should get out of the hoovering for at least a year. 

De Mondion

If you do decide to head over for EuroPride, you and your squad should get in touch with Q Travel Malta, Arthur and his team have perfected the collaboration of Malta’s queer history in a walk-along tour, taking you via the back streets and their hidden stories along with options for queer-friendly bars and pride-themed boat trips! It’s truly a great way to experience Valletta!

Cafe Society, 13 Triq San Gwann, is an absolute vibe! The bar itself is small but as we gays do, everyone spills onto the street and turns the steps into a social hub.. get your mingle on as the trendy tunes fill the street in the warm evening air. It’s one of those places where you’ll find yourself saying ‘Oh okay, just one more’ at least three times! 

If being outdoors is your thing, make sure you check out the island of Gozo, it’s a 30 min ferry ride from the main island and upon your arrival, you have the option to hire Tuk Tuk drivers from Yippee who can shuttle you around the island and show you the best bits! Gozo is beeeaauitful and well worth half a day of exploring the ocean road and natural salt caves, we grabbed lunch in the centre and the vibe was so endearing we could have played ‘spot the lesbians’ all day – it wasn’t hard since in just two hours we did the little arm nudge and head nod as couples walked hand in hand through the small colourful streets, testimony to how inclusive Malta is! Rather than take the ferry back to the mainland, you and your crew could hire a boat with your own skipper to escort you to the blue lagoon. The water is so beautifully blue people have turned it into a dance floor, as boats gather in the area, each of them pretending to be headline DJs, the vibe was popping as people launch themselves off their decks into the water with squeals of glee and laughter. It’s a vibe, far better than being locked in the basement of old Compton Street – don’t miss out. 

Our final tip is another foodie one! It’s hard being this trendy, but a huge shout-out goes to ION Harbour by chef Simon Rogan, based in Valletta and set within a luxurious hotel overlooking the harbour and home to some of the best views the island has to offer. The food was like poetry on a plate, the flavours shouldn’t make sense but put together, they do. The whole experience will be a memory forever, if you have something or someone to celebrate.. this is your venue, put on your best blue steel and let your pallet be wowed. Minutes from Valletta’s inviting bar-filled streets it’s a perfect way to end a holiday. 

You know that feeling when you’ve found an amazing playlist and played it on repeat? That is Malta

Malta queer friendly

Let us know if you’re heading to EuroPride in Malta this year by commenting below.

Love Team Nonchalant


Laura Walker
Laura Walker

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