Nonchalant ~ Interview: Singer-Songwriter LAKY

Interview: Singer-Songwriter LAKY

We’re excited to launch our brand new interview with extremely talented singer-songwriter LAKY.

Known for her beautiful lyrics, LAKY tells us all about her recent publishing deal, how she met her Girlfriend and what inspires her songs.

Check out our catch up with LAKY in Camden below. We practically laughed all the way through this interview, so we hope you enjoy too.

A huge thanks to our team:

Nonchalant Interviewer, Zoie O’Brien
Nonchalant Videographer, Flick of FJ West Films

Follow LAKY for more info on her next gigs:

Instagram: @iamlaky


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Team Nonchalant x

Abi Hill
Abi Hill

Abi is the Founding Director of Nonchalant Ltd. She’s previously had a 7-year career in Digital Marketing within the eCommerce and Travel Sector for brands such as Cath Kidston. Aside from running Nonchalant Ltd, she’s a Software Engineer and has worked on large scale projects for some of the biggest tech giants and was recently shortlisted on the Makers, Google Startups, and Computer Weekly ‘Women in Software Powerlist 2020’.

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