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Lesbian holidays are a thing. Our list of top companies

Lesbian holidays are actually a thing people. We (being bad gays) didn’t know about these until we came across some cool companies that run them (and we actually went on one as a team in May – more on that below), so we are here to share all the information we have discovered. It’s not just lesbian holidays that we’ve discovered, but also lesbian travel groups, lesbian cruises, lesbian singles holidays and more that we’re here to tell you all about. What we’ve discovered is that lesbian holidays are a great way to have fun and connect with other queer women. There are many different companies that offer lesbian-friendly travel packages so that you can find the perfect trip for your needs.

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In this article we dive into the different companies that offer lesbian holidays, how they work, where they go, and how to pluck up the courage to go on on your own if you fancy it.

Companies that offer lesbian holidays

Moonlight experiences

First up on our lesbian travel groups list is Moonlight Experiences which is a UK-based company. You may have read about them before on Nonchalant Mag because we interviewed their founder Aisha Shaibu. The company is super cool and offers experiences focused on the queer community from Alternative Pride Parties to LGBTQ+ History sessions. Aside from offering experiences they also offer lesbian group travel holidays, for all queer women, trans and non-binary folks – love it! They are set to head to Bali soon. Moonlight Experience travel groups accept all ages, but it tends to attract 28-40s.

Diva Destinations

This company offers a variety of trips for lesbians, including couples’ trips, singles’ trips, and family trips. They also offer lesbian cruises too. From what we can tell, this group is generally for the older ladies among us (50+), which looks like a great way to meet other like-minded women. Diva Destinations is also UK-based and does offer lesbian singles holidays too.

Oliva Cruise

We did a whole article on lesbian cruises recently, so you can get way more info if you head over to that article. Olivia Cruise over cruises (obvi) but did you know that they also offer lesbian group holidays too? They offer a wide range of resort holidays, riverboat tours, and experiences. This company is based in the States.

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Girl Village

Girl Village is an Italian-based lesbian holiday company, so you would need to be based in Italy to book with them. They offer trips to all over, with a recent one to the Galapagos & Ecuador.

Ella Travel

Ella is a Spanish community platform. They previously ran lesbian holiday trips but what’s most impressive about this company is their Ella International Lesbian Festival which is in Mallorca in 2024. Which this space.

That brings us nicely to Lesbian Holidays in the format of weekends away, similar to the festival mentioned above.

Lesbian Holidays

In this section, we’re moving away from travel companies that organise trips for you and will discuss lesbian holidays in the format of festivals, events and weekends away.

Velvet Ibiza

You will know Velvet Ibiza well if you’re a long-time reader of Nonchalant Magazine. We partnered with them back in May 2023 where our team headed to the event and documented the vibe throughout. Safe to say, we loved it. It’s a super fun music festival in Ibiza for queer women. We highly recommend it.

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The Dinah

The Dinah is a very well-known lesbian party weekend that takes place in Palm Springs, USA every September. We recently interviewed Mariah Hanson, the founder of The Dinah, who explains that the festival sees thousands of women head to the pool parties and events they have to offer.

We checked it out way back in 2014, we had a great time pretending we were English charmers, which actually came across more like The Inbetweeners, alas. That aside we think you should go.

We are sure there are loads that we missed from this list. So if there’s a lesbian holiday company, or weekend event that we’ve missed from this list that you think is epic, then please do let us know by commenting below.

Enjoy the sun and ladeeeez,

Team Nonchalant x

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This article was written by one of our creative team writers here at Nonchalant Magazine.

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