Lesbian Netflix Documentary: ‘A Secret Love’

Released on the 29th April, streaming on Netflix. ‘A Secret Love’ tells the story of two women who fell in love in the late 40s and were brave enough to explore their lesbian relationship even when it seemed the world was against them.

Meeting each other in 1947 at a Women’s Professional Baseball League, 22-year-old Terry Donahue and 18-year-old Pat Henschel fell in love.

As you may be able to imagine they had to keep their lesbian relationship a secret for many years for their own safety. At the time lesbians and the queer community were subject to abuse, with many bars that were suspected of serving the community were raided, with consequences for the customers including arrests, loss of jobs and being disowned from their families. Cue the feelings of gratitude!

The couple have only recently come out and this documentary explores their early relationship, the environment in America spanning 60 years all the way to present day and how the couple are navigating life together.

What an incredible documentary to be aired for the queer community, we’re excited to catch this one, don’t miss out and make sure you’re tuned in to watch ‘A Secret Love’ on Netflix on the 29th April.

‘A Secret Love’ Trailer

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