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Queer East is putting community first

Picture this: it’s midnight, the music has stopped. The DJs are standing on the booth. All around you, your friends and perfect strangers are hugging, singing and begging for one more. The lights are up but no one is leaving.

You realise you’re not just standing in a room filled with queers. This is bigger than that, this is community. This is Queer East.

After feeling all those feels, we were completely unsurprised to hear from the founder EJ, that Queer East have transitioned into something called a “Community Interest Company.” Sounds a bit formal, right? But it’s actually super cool for us as a community.

Queer EAst Women laughing on the dancefloor

Think of it this way: it’s like Queer East is making a promise to always put our queer community first. This isn’t about big profits; it’s about building and supporting the community we love.

We love this. It’s what our community needs. Everything they do is for us – the London queer community. It’s like a pledge that they’re not just here to throw parties (though we love that!), but to genuinely support and uplift each other.

This change means they are introducing admission tickets, but unlike most club-night tickets that are set ticket prices, at Queer East you only pay what you can. You decide what you want to pay, this way no one in the community gets left out by not being able to afford tickets, keeping inclusivity at the heart of what they do.

They weren’t messing around when they said they were going to look after us.

As an exclusive announcement, we hear on the grapevine – on the back of becoming a CIC – that they are currently in talks with several queer charities, to further foster a sense of caring and unity within the queer community. We can’t wait to tell you more however we need to wait patiently like we do for the first Friday of every month.

We think it’s genius. Queer East keeps being a place where you feel seen, supported, and part of something special. It’s less about being a ‘company’ and more about being a committed part of our queer family in London.

Get your tickets here for the next party. We’ll certainly be down there, tickets at the ready, in December.

Let’s keep making our spaces amazing together!

Love Team Nonchalant xx

Bee Armstrong
Bee Armstrong

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