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What does the lesbian flag look like?

We’ve seen it around a lot more lately and so you’re probably wondering, what does the ‘Lesbian Pride Flag’ look like? Well, there seems to be a few variations of the lesbian flag.

Technically there is no official lesbian flag or lesbian flag colors, but the below flags started to pop up all over the place over the last decade.

Lesbian Flag colors
Lesbian Flag

These flags were designed by Natalie McCray in 2010 to celebrate lesbians.

Originally the first version of the lesbian flag had a lipstick mark on the top left corner. However, some thought it only represented femme lesbians and it was given the name “lipstick lesbian” flag. Subsequently, the lipstick mark was removed to be more inclusive to all within the lesbian community.

Lesbian Flag
Femme Lesbian Flag

So there you have it, let us know your thoughts by commenting below, and read more in all pride flags and the history of the lesbian flag article too.

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