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The Best Pubs of London for Lesbian Dates

picture of the bar inside a pub - best london pubs for lesbian dates

If you’re like us, you love grabbing a drink down the local boozer. Plus it’s such a good place to have a date. So we thought we’d put together a list of Best Pubs of London for lesbian dates, or family roasts, or just to catch up with mates. We must add that these are perfect for a first, second, third or five-hundred and fifty-seventh lesbian date.

Just to note, the pubs and bars that we’ve mentioned aren’t out and out lesbian bars, but, they are tried and tested lesbian-friendly pubs that we love, and hope you’ll love too!

Our List of The Best Pubs of London

Number 90

Hackney Wick

Number 90 is located in trendy Hackney Wick, and is perhaps a bit more of a pub-bar hybrid, as it has a bit more going on than some other places. It’s location alongside the canal, makes it an excellent place for a more chilled date on a summers day. A few drinks, food, great music, lush weather (choose your days wisely living in the UK n’all) – BOOM!

And, if the dates going well, stick around to see what’s happening in the evening. Number 90 has a pretty great atmosphere on the weekends, though it’s hard to say what that’ll be like with the new social distancing restriction in place.

The Old White Lion

East Finchley

What appears to be a very traditional, outdated pub on the exterior, has actually been kitted out with a rather boujee interior. Oh and it’s pretty damn big inside too, split across four sections you can always find a different area to suit the current mood of your date.

Also, if you’re still not sure how comfortable you feel venturing inside a pub right now, when everything is still a little uncertain, it has a very generously sized beer garden.

The Queen of Hoxton


As with Number 90, this probably has more of a pub by day, bar by night kinda vibe. Although, with the new restrictions in place, there’s no longer a dance-floor and capacity is limited (which is actually music to our ears).

The best time of the year to visit Queen of Hoxton is definitely in the summer. Because the rooftop bar is one of very few sun traps in central London where you can feel the rays4days (weather permitted, of course).

The Duke of Edinburgh


Hosting what must be one of the biggest beer gardens in London, the Duke of Edinburgh, one of our favourite summertime pubs south of the river. Yes we know, it’s a little bit run down on the inside, but the beer garden is incredible for sunny days. It’s a great choice if you’re not sure how you feel about being inside right now.

It’s a great spot for some ‘casual’ drinks, and the drinks aren’t too expensive either. If you go on the weekend, it’s guaranteed to have a great atmosphere, making it a wicked date spot.



Lockside is perfectly summarised as a canalside gastro-pub that can be found at Camden Locks. However, pre-lockdown it would regularly host club nights throughout the week (we’re betting it’s a while before this happens again). Regardless of club night or no club night, you’ll still have a great night here.

It’s spacious, has an outside area, serves great food and drinks… Why not, ey?

If you aren’t quite ready to head out to the pub yet then why not try an indoor date?

Your Say

Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions for lesbian-friendly pubs in London that should be added to the list.

And if you’re more of a cocktail bar, then check out our article on London’s best cocktail bars for lesbian dates.

Stay safe and happy dating!

Love Nonchalant x

Elle Whaley
Elle Whaley

As well as being a Creative Writer for Nonchalant Magazine, Elle’s also a Software Developer, based in London. So when she’s not writing content for us, you’ll probably find her writing code… Or at the pub. Probably the pub.

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