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Heather Peace and Tello Films Collaborate for an Unforgettable Gig this September

In an exciting collaboration that promises to please fans of both music and cinema, renowned musician and actress Heather Peace (you might have caught our epic interview with Heather last year?) is set to take the stage on September 10 at Ironworks, Brighton, in partnership with Tello Films. This event brings together the beautiful melodies of Heather Peace’s music with the innovative queer storytelling of Tello Films.

Let us talk you through this awesome partnership…

Heather Peace Tello Films

Heather Peace

Heather Peace has established herself as a true legend in the entertainment industry. Recognized for her captivating acting skills and soul-stirring musical talents, she has garnered a dedicated following that spans various mediums. Known for her roles in popular television series like Lip Service, Waterloo Road, and at present – Eastenders, Peace’s performances have consistently showcased her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level. Additionally, her career as a musician has produced heartfelt songs that explore themes of love, identity, and personal growth.

Tello Films: Pioneers of LGBTQ+ Storytelling

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Tello Films, on the other hand, has earned a reputation for its commitment to telling diverse and compelling stories, particularly those centred around the lesbian and queer community. The production company has produced a range of award-winning web series and films that challenge traditional narratives and celebrate the richness of human experiences. By collaborating with Heather Peace, Tello Films continues its mission to amplify underrepresented voices and promote inclusive storytelling by live-streaming the gig for fans across the globe.


Tickets will sell out fast, so make sure you grab yours here!

If you miss out on tickets or you’re not able to head to Brighton this September, you’re also able to live-steam the gig via Tello Films. Swit Swoo.

Give us a shout if you’re heading to the gig.

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