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For this instalment of Killin’ It on Insta we had a chat with Eden and Jay otherwise known as @edenxjay.

Back Story?

Eden is “hella” from NorCal while Jay is born and raised in Los Angeles (Korea Town). We’re both involved in the entertainment industry which sometimes comes with cool travel perks.

We are very PASSIONATE souls, especially when it comes to things we care about.

Jay has a clothing line called “Creature of Habit” (@ShopCOHLA) that she’s been working on for the past 3 years. She uses it to express herself through her one-of-a-kind unapologetic street fashion wear.

Meanwhile, Eden uses her voice to be an advocate for the bisexual community and is working to launch her podcast in Summer 2020.

Although we’re strong on our own, it’s our creativity and drive that’s pulled us closer together and how we came to the decision to create our couples IG with a YouTube channel in the works.


How did you both meet?

OH WOW! We both have our own version of how that day went, so it depends on who you ask. The one thing we can agree on is that is was wild how it all worked out.

But to keep things short, we met on the dating app HINGE. From there we had plans to meet for lunch at Venice Beach. Eden was 45 minutes LATE (but insists that it was her bunny sitter who made her late). Thankfully Jay waited it out and our lunch date turned into a 24-hour adventure that we’ll never forget. And the adventure hasn’t stopped since.

How long have you featured on Instagram and why?

We decided to officially launch a couples page in mid-November of 2019 mainly because we didn’t see much Latin American representation within our queer community on Instagram that we were able to relate to. So instead of waiting, we wanted to try and be the couple we, and others, were desperately searching for.


How many followers do you have at present?

Currently, we have just north of 19.7k followers on Instagram and we’re immensely grateful for every person following our LOUD Latinx love story. We definitely didn’t expect this type of response or fanbase, considering we’re just being our goofball selves. It’s been a pleasant surprise to receive such a positive response and if anything it’s a motivation to keep sharing our love story.

A little something from the ladies themselves

Hiiiii Eden and Jay here! If you’re new to us, Jay is the one with tattoos lol! We’re two crazy in love queerdos (queer weirdos) obsessed with all things art, culture, fashion, travel and fooooood!

We love to make each other laugh, which isn’t difficult considering we’re both naturally clumsy. On a typical day, you can find us cooking, dancing, advocating for small business owners, talking about the importance of “check-ins” or planning our next trip. If you follow us, odds are you’ll never be bored!

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