Lesbian Dating TV Show “Coming Out For Love” To Premiere on Valentine’s Day

Let’s be honest, winter is a pretty tough time. There’s very little to look forward to post Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and for some inexplicable reason, we have chosen the bleakest month of the year to give up some of the things that normally help us get through crappy weeks, like good food and a drink at the end of the day – yay, Veganuary and Dry Jan.

If, like us, you’re desperate for something to keep you going this winter, then look no further because we have the most amazing news for you. If you’re a Love Island fan, a The Batchelor fan, or an insert any dating show name here fan, but you’ve always wanted queer representation then prepare yourself, because a queer and lesbian dating show has arrived!

American queer filmmaker Nicole Conn, creator of A Perfect Ending and More Beautiful For Having Been Broken, is pleased to present a new dating show featuring queer women competing for love. 

Titled Coming Out For Love, the show will premiere on 14 February this year, with the launch of episode one. This is the perfect cozy watch for a casual Valentine’s celebration with a partner, or if you want something to stick your teeth into with your gal pals. The show will be hosted by super successful lesbian model, actress, LGBTQ+ activist and all out icon Jessica Clark, who, by the way was the smoking hot lead in Usher’s Burn music video (shout out to our 00s RnB fans).

Coming Out for Love Trailer

Coming Out For Love (COFL) will showcase sixteen queer women living together in a beautiful Palm Springs villa, the Palm Palace. They will be participating in a combination of physical and emotional challenges every week, in the hopes of winning keys to unlock the heart of Season One’s first Single, none other than the gorgeous influencer and activist Amber Whittington.

Coming out for love house - palm palace
The show’s location, the lavish Palm Palace.

The show promises to be charming, entertaining, soapy, and fun – all the things you would normally expect from standard reality TV. However, being the first lesbian dating show of its kind, it also takes things a step further from the point of view of representation. At a time when most of the well-known, mega-popular dating shows remain strictly heterosexual and largely non-inclusive  – ehhem ehhem, Love Island, anyone? – Coming Out For Love provides a much-needed authentic view of the queer community.

Women of the lesbian dating show Coming Out For Love in the villa.
The contestants of COFL clearly enjoy themselves.

For showrunner Nicole Conn, sapphic visibility is at the core of COFL. “I’ve always been labeled a pioneer and am proud to have the first female-loving-female reality dating competition show.” 

Women of the lesbian dating show Coming Out For Love in the villa.

More than just an artistic endeavour, this matters to Conn on a deeply personal level. Much of her earlier work is centred on, or at the very least inspired by, her own life experience, a visceral example being her 2005 film little man, documenting the extremely premature birth of her son, Nicholas. 

Though this show might be the complete tonal opposite of the difficult birth story, the personal nuances are still there. She continues: “My daughter Gabrielle and I have watched The Bachelor together faithfully for years, rooting for our front-runners. I kept wishing there was a show that represented the love of two mothers she’d experienced in her own life.”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Conn is thrilled to be joined by Amber Whittington for this first season. “She is the absolute strongest first lead we could have ever imagined and everyone in America will fall in love with her.” 

Amber Whittington, who you might know from Kill in the Blank, is a true social media icon for queer women. Her YouTube Amber’s Closet and Instagram platform have provided advice, guidance, and feelings of hope to queer women all around the world.

Where Can I Watch Coming Out for Love?

Currently, we don’t know. The producers are yet to reveal where this show will air. Previously it was mentioned that it would show on Lesflicks, however, this seems to have been withdrawn.

On the upside though, we will be one of the first to know when it’s ready to go live. So check back with us soon.

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