Lez Bomb: Lesbian Movie Review

Lez Bomb Lesbian Movie Review


Lez Bomb is a lesbian film (we like pointing out the obvious sometimes ok?).

You haven’t heard of it? You haven’t heard of a film based on a couple of lezzas? Well, that is unheard of….. Ok, we will stop being sarcastic now (not sure if that came across over written word, you would have got it if you could see some facial expression we’re sure).

Luckily with the release of Disobedience, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and Carol, to name a few, women loving other women films are starting to get a bit more traction. With it being the main storyline rather than the side story. Come on the girls! These films are often indie, artsy films, which we ain’t complaining about, we love that arty shiz, but sometimes we want to kick back and watch something that’s FUNNY! Yep, lesbians can be funny ya know.

That’s where Lez Bomb is supposed to fit in. Because it comes from the executive producer of ‘There’s Something About Mary’ and ‘Dumb and Dumber’ (which we can all admit, were pretty funny) so expectations were high.

It tells the ‘funny’ tale of a woman going home with her friend (girlfriend) for Thanksgiving to see her family and to introduce her ‘friend’ as her girlfriend (we’ve all been there). What could go wrong? Her parents think she’s as straight as a lamp post. But then the plot thickens, when her housemate and best friend (who is a man) comes over unannounced.

Que some awkward, ‘I think we would be good together’ type chat (not from her obvs, she’s seen the light and she ain’t going back) from her male housemate. Throughout, she’s continuously trying to tell her family she’s gay but being out shadowed or shouted at by her fellow family members, this all makes for some frustrating/ awkward moments throughout the film, which should be funny, but we thought it was a little lacking and was teetering on the edge of annoying.

The romance, the reason why the main character is going through all of this mayhem with her family, isn’t actually all that believable. Put simply, there is no chemistry between the two.

The mayhem and chaos of the family and her trying to come out to them is verging on annoying.

Nonchalant Rating:

Let’s do a rating for you so you can decide if this is really worth your viewing time or if you would rather do something which will benefit your life in some way;

Sex Scene:


(there was no sex scene, we reckon if there was one it would be the driest sex scene there ever was).

Believability of relationship:


(felt like watching two actors act out a lesbian relationship).



(only because we can relate to trying to come out and it had the potential to be funny and a good film overall on paper, just the execution wasn’t great).



(there were a few potentially good actors in it but not sure this was the right film for them to really shine, and they didn’t shine enough to make this film any good, sadly).

Hotness of lead characters


(yes this may be subjective but it’s a no from us).

So in a nutshell, we give this film a total score of:

15/50 … ouch!

However, check out the trailer below and perhaps it might be your sort of film.

If you watch Lez Bomb, let us know what you think of it by commenting below.

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