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New Lesbian Dating Show: I Kissed a Girl Just Announced

Prepare for the UK’s inaugural lesbian dating show, hosted by the incredible Dannii Minogue. That’s right people, BBC Three has just announced a new lesbian dating series called I Kissed a Girl, after the success of I Kissed a Boy.

I Kissed a Boy BBC Three
I Kissed A Boy, Dannii Minogue. Credit BBC Three

The announcement of I Kissed A Boy caused quite a stir, as it marked the first-ever queer dating show to hit the airwaves. Surprising, right? But now due to the success, I Kissed a Girl is happening! Hooray. Thanks, you BBC legends.

What is the show about?

Under the guidance of the eldest Minogue sister, I Kissed A Boy took place in a breathtaking sunny location and followed a group of 10 single guys on their quest for love. In the ten-part series that can be seen on BBC Three, the boys are paired up based on their compatibility, determined by a kiss and their desired qualities in a partner.

I Kissed A Boy 2023. Credit BBC Three
I Kissed A Boy 2023. Credit BBC Three

Once the initial kiss took place, the newly formed couple embarked on a romantic journey, putting their compatibility to the test. Rest assured, I Kissed A Girl promises just as much excitement and drama as its predecessor.

The series description reads: “I Kissed A Girl will deliver drama, challenge stereotypes, and offer more twists and turns than ever before.”

Dannii herself is thrilled about the upcoming show. She shared her excitement on her Instagram Story, filming her reaction as the credits rolled for the latest episode of I Kissed A Boy.

Dannii Minogue Instagram - I kissed a girl

How Do I Apply for I Kissed a Girl on BBC Three?

Casting applications for I Kissed A Girl are now open, so don’t miss out. The closing date for applications is 7th Aug 2023.

Apply Here

When is I Kissed a Girl BBC Three going to air?

Naturally, we are absolutely buzzin about this announcement, since The Ultimatum: Queer Love has been epic, and sadly nearing the end of the season. However, we have no news on when it will air. However casting is open, so we’re hoping to see it perhaps next summer. Check back to this article and we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we do.

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