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Openly Lesbian Footballers

After a summer of success for the Lionesses, it’s hard not to wonder who’s on the same team as us – the loud and proud. Or just proud, we don’t all have to wear a rainbow to be a member. Some are discreet and that’s fine too. We take a look at the few below who are openly lesbian footballers (and queer).

A list of openly out lesbian footballers

Jill Scott

To kick off the celebration of out-out footballers, we have to start with Jill Scott. What a year she’s had… first she was the longest-standing lioness before her retirement this year, and then she warms the hearts of everyone and is crowned Queen of the jungle when she featured in this year’s ‘I’m a celeb’, I mean unless you’ve lived under a rock you might not have known that part.

Jill and her fiancé live in the Manchester area and have a coffee shop together – pretty sure that most lesbians love language right there! After a great insight into her personality this year and a chance to hear her one-liners on the big screen, Jill has definitely bagged herself a seat at one of those ‘which famous people would you invite to dinner’ kind of nights. She might even deserve the head of the table! 

Megan Rapinoe

Looking across the pond, Megan Rapinoe the US midfielder who is openly gay, speaks up for minorities and campaigns for equality as well as being one of the greatest on the pitch. She has even taken the US Football Association to court over gender pay!! Too right too, bring on equality babes.  

Megan is also an ambassador for Athlete Ally, a nonprofit organization that focuses on ending homophobia and transphobia in sports. There’s something super attractive about someone who stands up for what they believe while gearing up for a better future for others. What’s not to admire about a role model such as Megan?

Beth Mead 

The Northern lass from Whitby, Beth Mead who has had a year of success, was awarded the Golden Boot in the Euros, she has also just won Sport’s Personality of the Year. Beth was openly candid in a radio interview about not supporting the Men’s World Cup due to it going against all of her beliefs, which took some guts to speak openly about.

Beth and her girlfriend Vivianne Miedema, a fellow Arsenal player are often sharing cute moments on social media. Meado’s cheeky finger poke at Viv’s lip in a game was adorable, haven’t seen it!? Head to Tiktok and have a look, their eye contact, and the smile that follows is as melting as a puppy in a party outfit. Sadly Beth & Viv have both injured their ACL, too cute how they are now nursing each other’s injuries. Wishing them both a speedy recovery. 

Alex Scott

Arsenal certainly turns out some absolute beauties, as ex-player now pundit Alex Scott recently released her book, in which she confessed to being in love with a fellow gunner as the two have a long-lasting relationship. So when you ask yourself, ‘Is Alex Scott gay?’ the answer is that Alex was open about her sexuality being bisexual (noted: not “lesbian” but we didn’t want to leave this legend out), and with over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, it’s incredible how she’s used her own life experience on social media to talk about her love life in such a way that will encourage others to feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s been reported that she’s now dating the lovely Jess Glynn – much love to you both gals.

Magdalena Eriksson

Magdalena Eriksson is a Swedish international footballer who plays as a defender for Chelsea FC Women in the FA Women’s Super League. She came out publicly as gay in 2018 and has been a prominent figure in advocating for LGBTQ+ inclusion in football.

Tierna Davidson

Tierna Davidson is an American professional soccer player who plays as a defender for the Chicago Red Stars in the NWSL and the United States women’s national team. Davidson publicly came out as gay in 2019 and has since been open about her experiences as an LGBTQ+ athlete.

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris

Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris are both American professional soccer players who play as defenders. They were married and came out as a couple in 2019. Both have represented the United States women’s national team and currently play for Orlando Pride in the NWSL. Sadly, recently it was reported that they have since filed for divorce with Ashlyn Harris now dating Sophia Bush.

Caitlin Foord

Caitlin Foord is an Australian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Arsenal in the FA Women’s Super League and the Australia national team, the Matildas. She is considered one of the best players in the world and has played in two World Cups and two Olympic Games. Foord has never publicly stated her sexual orientation. However, she has been in a relationship with Swiss footballer Lia Wälti since 2016. The couple has been photographed together on numerous occasions and has spoken about their relationship in the media.

Lina Hurtig

Lina Mona Andréa Hurtig is a Swedish professional footballer who plays as a forward for English Women’s Super League club Arsenal and the Sweden women’s national team. Lina is an openly gay footballer and is married to Lisa Hurtig.

This article could turn into a book of its own if we were to name every lesbian player in football, it’s a hub of queer women. Some players haven’t outright announced their sexuality or relationships, but the eager-eyed amongst us all know about the shared dogs, holidays, and speculation. Lesbe honest it’s all our TikTok reels are filled with.

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Love Team Nonchalant xx

Laura Walker
Laura Walker

Laura is a London based Creative Writer for Nonchalant Magazine.


  1. Maggie
    16th July 2023 / 6:28 pm

    A little updating and elaborating for Magdalena Eriksson: she and her long-time partner Pernilla Harder (Danish international) have both left Chelsea for FC Bayern Munich which they will join after this Women’s World Cup.

    Some other fellow Swedes who could rightly make this list are…
    Lina Hurtig: she met her wife Lisa when they both played for Swedish club Linköping. They now have an adorable daughter and live in London as Lina now also plays for Arsenal.

    Speaking of Arsenal and Linköping and Swedes (!), one of Arsenal’s newer superstars, Frida Leonhardsen Maanum (Norwegian international), met her footballing partner, Emma Lennartsson while they both played in Sweden together. Frida moved on to Arsenal and Emma continues with Linköping.

    Sweden’s stalwart national team captain (and most capped player in Europe, I think), Caroline Seger has been out for ages and is partnered with current Rosengård teammate, Olivia Schough… who also plays on Sweden’s national team.

    Playing for Swedish club team FC Häcken and national team is goalie is Jennifer Falk; her wife was a Swedish handball player (I think) but has – at least for a time – seemed to have retired from that as she just gave birth to their daughter less than a year ago.

    Two Brighton & Hove Albion players you may be familiar with – Emma Kullberg & Julia Zigiotti-Olme – announced their engagement just at the beginning of 2023. It seems neither was selected for this national team round, but they both have several caps for Sweden.

    Also playing in WSL team Everton is Hanna Bennison (Sweden international) who for a year or so (inferring dates from Insta) has been with fellow Swede Elena Sadiku who no longer plays but is a club assistant manager.

    A bit farther afield is Linda Sembrant (Sweden international) playing for leading Italian club Juventus which is where she met her partner Lisa Boattin who has some Italian national caps of her own.

    Honestly, there could be more, but these were the ones I pretty much knew of off the top of my head. If you’re wondering ‘why so many Swedes in this list?’ I can say that I moved to Sweden 2 years ago, follow the national team (Heja Sverige!) and some of the Swedish clubs. I also was following Chelsea, but now will follow FC Bayern Munich.

    Maybe some other enterprising reader might want to share a list from another league/national team?

  2. Nonchalant Magazine
    29th August 2023 / 10:11 am

    Thanks for all this epic info. We’ll get the article updated 😎

    Team Nonchalant x

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