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Our Guide to Scotland’s Hottest Staycation

It’s an unlikely location for sure but hear us out Glasgow is offering a seriously sexy staycation right now. We’re talking street art, scenery and a sneaker laundrette.

And if that doesn’t do it for you maybe the £2.50 drinks will.

Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway with the girls or you’re thinking of sealing the deal with that ten from Tinder – we’ve got you covered in Scotland’s queer capital.

Here’s all you need to know about getting a great night out in the north and how you can bag it all affordably.

They’ve nailed the queer night out

We’ve all been there. Leaning in for a kiss on a sticky dance floor Kylie blaring – in a room that reeks of farts. For a long time we’ve been looking for better nights out for the queer community and the Glaswegians are giving up the goods.

For sure, there are dive bars to start your night, £3 for two shots and dirty disco tunes. But, you can move on to sipping on some A-class cocktails and relaxing in wing back chairs under night time neons.

Our top recommendations are:

Hillhead Book Club: A banging spot for cheap eats and beers. We’d recommend it for a lunch bevvy before the big blow out.

Delmonicas: After a boozy lunch and a few cheap shots you’re going to want to get the party started. Delmonicas is the perfect place. Singing, dancing and dirt-cheap drinks make it an ideal penultimate spot for pre-club boozing.

Polo Lounge: Set out across several rooms the Polo Lounge offers a whole new experience in every bar. In fact, the building flows like your average night out. Cocktails in the cosy mezzanine bar then downstairs for dancing the night away in the basement until dawn.

Blow off that hangover

Just a few miles outside the city Scotland has some absolute scenes on offer. Miles and miles of countryside lochs, lakes and little pubs. And you can get there in 45 minutes.

Conic Hill is among the best overlooking the famous Loch Lomond the walk takes around 2.5hours up and down. From the top, you’ll get 360 views of the water and an island inhabited by wallabies. Seriously.

You’re pretty likely to bump into some Highland Cows your Insta game can thank us later.

Take a picnic and enjoy the view!


This Victorian built vibrant city has so much to offer in the day as well as after dark.

The Lighthouse is an exhibition centre which offers a decent glimpse at Glasgow’s architectural past. There’s a sweet view of the city from the tower – And there’s that shot of the Mackintosh spiral staircase you’re going to want to get on your socials.

Or – fancy getting your fave sneakers buffed up while you sip on a latte? Try the sneaker cafe.

Looking for something a bit more high brow?

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art is a belter.

But the best the city has to offer that’s all outside.


Don’t bother booking yourself onto the £17 graffiti tour of the city you can do it for free – just grab the map online.

There are 23 stops including huge homages to Billy Connolly and an epic St Mungo mural. The walk will take you around the vibrant city including some of the grimy parts!

Hot Hotels

Whether this is a weekend mate date or a stay with bae you’re going to want a banging hotel. And, we think we’ve found the two hottest spots.

The Moxy is our favourite. With free arrival cocktails in the lush lobby and free tea and coffee throughout your stay, the artsy Moxy is the place to be.

We booked it for just £120 for two nights.

Wherever you stay in the world Citizen M is bound to be a great sleepover and Glasgow’s M is no different. Rooms are from £70 per night. Who doesn’t want a room controlled almost entirely by iPad?

Aaaaand all the other stuff.

Where to Eat

We love Absurd Bird in the city centre. Its country parlour decor reminds us of a neon night in Nashville it’s a shrine to the queen Dolly Parton herself and serves up cocktails and fried chicken all day.

A few doors away is Chaophraya Thai. It’s a little pricier but worth every penny.

Go get it gals!

Nonchalant x

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