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So, tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get into your career in PR? 

I started out ‘on the other side’ as a journalist.  I used to write on the lifestyle desk for the Metro covering everything from wellness trends to restaurant roundups.  I then did PR for some of London’s most well-known hotels, personalities and music venues.  I’ve always continued to work as a journalist alongside doing PR –  I’m a bit of a word/books/magazines geek at heart. I love writing and telling stories which is the bread and butter of both journalism and PR.  

Talk us through PR for the People, how did that start and what’s your mission?

PR for the People is our new membership platform helping small business owners, experts, people and brands to get press coverage without having to pay big agency fees. We help people learn how to approach journalists themselves, and we also connect journalists directly with our members through our private Facebook group and zoom networking sessions. We help journalist find more diverse voices for their articles when they’re looking for case studies, expert quotes or indie biz owners. If any journalists interested in supporting more diversity in the media are reading this – please reach out to join our community. 

We started PR for the People during lockdown when we realised there were so many amazing people missing out on sharing their story with the media. PR agencies can be very expensive to hire and so most solo entrepreneurs don’t feel like PR is accessible to them. It has a reputation of being a very aloof and exclusive industry and for good reason. Most people don’t realise you can easily do your own PR and get yourself featured in the press. It’s our mission to make PR and the media more accessible, inclusive and diverse so people from all walks of life can have a voice.

For any of our readers that are trying to start a new business what’s your best piece of advice?

The sooner you start, the better! I wish I had taken the leap to be freelance/running my own biz way sooner in my career. It’s so easy to think ‘i’ll do it one day’ and put it off. But, really there is no time like the present and ‘just do it’ will be the best piece of advice you’ll hear. Taking action is the best way to make your dreams happen! 

Who are your role models and why?

Entrepreneurs like Sharmadean Reid and Samantha Moyo, who have a soul and make it their business to empower others. They’re not just out for the money and themselves.  

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An obvious question from a lesbian magazine, but we want to get all up in your business, how did you both meet? 

It was the classic Christmas party work scenario haha! We were friends before the party and both secretly fancied each other. After quite a few tequilas we ended up making out in the toilets and have been together ever since.  I was dressed as a character from Mean Girls and she was dressed as a pimp.

What’s your coming out story? (Classic) 

My experience of ‘coming out’ as bisexual in 2020 was… underwhelming! Bi-erasure is a real thing… Because most of my past relationships have been with men, I still get the feeling a lot of my friends and family think this might still be ‘a phase’, or that I now exclusively fancy only women forever. I’m constantly having to explain I am still attracted to both sexes and identify as bisexual.  Toya has a much more exciting coming out story than me. Joan Collins outed her on national TV when she was 21! 

East London or West London? 

South London! East comes a close second though. 

If you could use a magic telephone to call yourself at 15 years old what would you say?

Hey, sis! Put down those hair straighteners and stop trying to grow up so fast. School is not real-life and things will get better. You won’t always have to try so hard to fit in. In fact, standing out is far better than fitting in, so go with that.  It’s OK that you kind of fancy Pink. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Done is better than perfect. I say it to myself at least 10 times a day when I spend too long on things! 

Talk us through your average working day?

Get up around 7am, (I know it’s bad) immediately check my phone to see what’s happening in the world. Drink a coffee and do a workout to get those endorphins flowing – usually from the FITT app. My days are really varied and normally start off with replying to lots of emails and messages – I can then be found having 1-2-1 PR coaching calls with our members, prepping for a journalist interview on zoom, running a live pitching clinic Q&A for our members, reaching out to journalists to join our platform, reading magazines and newspapers to search for press trends, or making educational content and reels for our Instagram. I love cooking and am trying to be more Vegan, so I’ll usually wind down by cooking something from Meera Sodha’s fabulous book East. 

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Aside from your ventures with PR for the People what have you been spending your time on during lockdown?

Learning to roller skate! Along with the rest of the world. I’m still waiting to get good – it’s harder than it looks…

What do you think of the Lesbian scene in London?

I’ve not really found a purely lesbian scene to be honest! We love going to queer club nights at The Chateau in Camberwell, which is conveniently just down the road from our house. Anything from Little Gay Brother is always great. Also queer Bollywood hip hop night Hungama is a vibe! God, we can’t wait until we can go out dancing again…

Who’s your celebrity crush and why?

Rhianna – she’s so sexy! And seems like she’d be great fun… 

How can our readers get involved with PR For the People?

Our membership doors re-open again on the 1st June! Spaces will be limited, so make sure you sign up to our waitlist to secure a space when we open

Check out our other interviews with more inspiring lesbian, queer and bisexual women, and let us know who you’d like us to interview next by leaving a comment below.

PR for the People are opening their doors again on the 1st June, as you are a nonchalant reader you can get 10% off and jump the queue- use code ABI145 at the checkout but hurry because spaces are limited!!

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