Nonchalant ~ Our Top Cycling Bag Picks for Winter

Our Top Cycling Bag Picks for Winter

Being London based, a lot of the team like to cycle to and from work, and since summer is over it’s been a bit of a struggle to keep that up. However, it’s something that needs to continue, even through the winter months. As if by magic we luckily came across this incredible cycle brand – Goodordering.

Since checking out their gear we’re extremely impressed so have decided to list our top selections for winter. Grab your favourites below or pop them on your Christmas list for Santa.

Cycling bag

Maroon Classic Backpack £60

maroon backpack

As pictured above this one is the Maroon Classic Backpack it is perfect to get ALL of your stuff in, lots of handy pockets to put anything you might need to grab easily, this old school classic style backpack is perfect for commuting, you can put all your work docs in it or you can use it on longer journeys.

Brown Handlebar Bag/Messenger £40

handlebar bag

If you don’t want to carry all your stuff on your back, maybe you want to keep your keys and essentials out of your pockets why not get a Brown Handlebar Bag/Messenger and be trendy with this little essential and keep all your essentials safe.

Blue Mini Backpack £35

blue mini bag

The mini-me backpack is a smaller version of the classic backpack, for safety it has the reflective strips on the three panels at the front (cos in the winter it gets dark you know). It’s versatile, you can either have it on your back or you can attach it to the front of your bike if you fancy it.

Black Pannier bag £65

pennier black

This one is one of our team favourites. Attach this to the back of your bike with no worries about your valuable shit getting wet because it is made of water-resistant nylon, with nylon lining and leather trim, for a bit of class on the back of your bike. Riding in style.

Black Monochrome Bumbag £40

bum bag in black

Now we are all big fans of the bumbag this year so why not take it out on your bike? This one is sleek, it is made from waterproof coated super-strong nylon waterproof reversed rubber zips. You can also attach this to your handlebars and put your phone inside (screen side-up in the clear plastic) whack Google maps on, and transform your phone into GPS. You can easily find your way around, even in the rain!

Graphite Classic 3 in 1 Shopper £75

shopper bag

This bag has multiple functions hence the name. If you are indecipherable like us and like to have your options, open then this is the one for you. It is a shopper that can be worn over the shoulder, a backpack or a pannier to attach to your bicycle rack. Sweet. If you really want to put your stamp on it or want to get one for your mate (you probably will) then get a personalised version of the 3 in 1

Red Rolltop Backpack £80

roll top red backpack

This one is good all year round, especially for all weathers. Waterproof, expandable and attaches to your bicycle pannier rack, this bag does not compromise on style to bring you the most functional bag in the Goodordering collection.

Happy cycling!

Team NL x

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