Nonchalant ~ Dry January Dates in London

Dry January Dates in London

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So you have decided to go dry this January? That drinking over the festive period really did a number on you huh?

We realise that most of the time when you think of a date night, you might automatically think of going to a bar and a lot of things in London do revolve around a boozey night so it can be difficult to find things to do if you are a non-drinker.

However, we’ve discovered the places in London that are fun and don’t need a drop of alcohol (yes it is possible to have fun without alcohol). The city has many things for people to do without a beer in hand….trust.

Read on to avoid the beer fear in the morning and discover our top things to do in London…booze-free.


Redemption Nottinghill

You do not have to be a vegan to enjoy some of the delicious meals served at this dry vegan bar, which is one of the best in London. Their dishes are some of the tastiest around and they are coupled with drinks such as apple mock-hito and beet-o-tini – perfect for that first booze-free date.


Bounce London

Ok, so this is a bar – fair enough…buttt often all that is needed to stay off alcohol is something to take your mind away from it. At Bounce, you can have a laugh playing Ping-Pong, which is also a great way to get fit. Why not visit here for a fun first date, and leave the drinkers to their own devices.

London Escape Rooms

This isn’t for everyone, as some people hate the idea of being locked in a room. It is only for an hour usually though, and might not be that long if you’re a smart cookie and can solve the clues to let yourself free. There are several of these around London, as they have become super popular.

Our two favourites are HintHunt and ClueQuest. Check them out with your date, but we advise this is date number 3 upwards because otherwise you’re stuck in a room on date one with someone you’re not even sure you like yet….a whole lot of awkward.

Zombie Laser Tag

Go back to when you were a kid, running about with your mates, you can now run about with your mates, working together to kill zombies!

These guys have actors playing zombies to make this come to life so for one hour and at £35 per player you get to almost shit yourself. If you get up to 20 players you can get a private session.

Drink Shop Do

Drink shop do

This venue has lots of activities to keep you busy and speaks directly to all you creatives out there. There are regular creative workshops, dancing and karaoke among other things – a woohoo. They also have some delightful snacks and drinks available, none of which have any alcohol in them.

Paint Jam

This event is for the creatives and (if you don’t think you are) non-creatives. Offering something a little bit different from the usual setting for painting/drawing workshops, these guys set a theme every month and have a DJ whilst you let your creative juices flow.

Lots of fun and no pressure or judgement, this is a perfect workshop for all.

Prince Charles Cinema

Why not pay a visit to the independent Prince Charles Cinema for one of their movie marathons? If you enjoy a sing-along there are options for this too.

If you really like it you can get a membership for the year for £10! Winner.

The Theatre

London showcases some of the best shows in the world, most of them in the West End.

Smaller theatres also have some really great pieces, such as the Barbican and the Young Vic and tickets are often a little cheaper.

So why not take advantage of what our incredible city has to offer. Whether you want to see a musical, drama or maybe a ghost story check out our Theatre section on the site and you’ll find all types of reviews. We generally cover reviewing all of the lesbian focused plays too.

Fitness Classes

Ok so this is definitely not a date option, or maybe it is if you don’t mind working out in front of your date…you sweaty mess.

One of our favourite classes to show off in is actually a wicked spin class. Check out our article on Psycle.

Enjoy your booze-free month!

Team Nonchalant x

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